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21st Century Learning

A Vision of K-12 Students Today
  • Uses technology
  • Inquiry based learning environments
  • Teachers need to be tech savvy
  • Students need to use higher level thinking skills
  • Think, Create, Analyze, Evaluate, Apply
21st Century Literacy
  • Can reach globally instantly
  • No longer traditional communication
  • 21st century communication is with an audience
  • 21st century skills are the following: critical thinking, problem solving, computer and technology, communication and self direction
Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation
  • Embrace change (hard for teachers, easier for students)
  • Need skills for ranges of environments students will be involved in
Teaching the 21st Century Learner
  • Teaching and learning needs to change, it is no longer traditional ways
  • Learning is collaborative and globally connected
  • Education has to change and be more engaging
21st Century Learning Matters
  • Education is ever changing because of technology
  • Provides challenges and opportunities
  • Library of congress provides online support
  • Requires new thinking skills
  • Preparing for jobs and technologies that do not exist
  • Computers will be more knowledgable than the human brain
  • Think outside the box for teaching
  • Schools need to reinvent themselves as learning organizations
  • Each of us must be a learner and a teacher
Engage Me!
  • Is it work or play using mobile devices?
  • Write a story in a book = Very few people read it
  • Write a story online = Thousands or more people can read it
  • Students need to be involved in their own learning
  • Learning needs to be engaging
A Vision of Students Today
  • Class sizes are too large
  • Professors make no personal connections
  • Students read textbooks less and social media more
  • Less sleep, less tv, less music, more social media and cell phones
  • You have to be a multi-tasker
  • College doesn't really prepare learners for the workplace
Pay Attention - Final Final Cut - TeacherTube
  • On average, kids use technology 2+ hours a day
  • Need higher order thinking skills
  • Kids are born into a world expected to know how to use these skills without being taught
  • Who was asked questions before Google?
  • WWW: Whatever, Whenever, Wherever (Learning)
  • If we lose our mobile devices, we lose part of our brain
  • If students already know how to use mobile devices, why not use MDs to teach?
  • Engage, don't enrage
21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?
  • The workforce is ill-prepared
  • We are no longer an industrial revolution, but a digital one
  • We teach disconnected subjects, but live in a interconnected world
  • We need to teach foundation, exploration, and application and use content to teach skills