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Updated by Jasmine El-Jourbagy on Sep 05, 2014
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21st Century Learners

This is a list that contains videos that explain the importance of knowing what a 21st Century Learner is in the classroom and out of the classroom.

This is a requirement for FRIT 7235.

Rethinking Learning

There were a lot of aspects of this video that struck me as amazing. I felt that that imagery caught me in with the perfect balance of cinematography and sounds. Throughout the video the narrator sets the ton that students are going to seek at the knowledge they want to learn and do not necessarily have the ability to know how to use new technologies without being shown how to use them by peers and teachers.

A Vision of Students Today

This video allows students to show their opinion on how they feel about their goals, hopes, dreams and how they learn in general. This video brings to light that todays students are working with so much more technology than they ever have in the past.

21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?

In this clip we are faced with the fact that technology is changing faster than we are anticipating it to do so and our students are becoming more and more familiar with these technologies and hoping teachers will start to use them in the classroom.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

In this video we something similar as the video "A vision of students today" but from the stand point of k-12 students. The students in the video are showing and explaining the fact that in education teachers are falling short of using new technologies that are offered to them.

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

Once again this is a video that comes out there and says that we must change with our technology to keep up with the needs of our society. If we are unable to just do this then we will not be able to keep advancing as students and educators. If we were to be stuck in a certain thought of never learning a new technology ever again then how are we expected to grow as individuals.

Engage Me!

Same as the past few videos where students showed pages of their opinions on technology and education. These students are questioning if our teachers, students and parents understand the impact of having our classrooms adapt to the 21st Century Learning ideals.

21st Century Literacy

This clip does an excellent job of giving the definition of 21st Century Learning it would be an excellent choice of showing to fellow educators but I find it to be a bit dry with the delivery of the message.

21st Century Learning Matters

This video is to me had a lot of content to share with the viewer but it did not do a good job of sharing the information in a way that was informational to me. I did like that it had all the information on why it matters to have 21st Century Learning in our classrooms and everywhere for that matter.

Pay Attention - Final Final Cut - TeacherTube

This is the final final cut of Pay Attention. In this clip we see that as educators we are being implored to use the technology that is provided to us by students. If we are not paying close attention to our students then who is? We need to adapt to the ever growing technology that if we were not going to be able to do so then we will fall behind as educators.