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Interview with the lighting deigner

We curated our favorite lighting designer interviews from the last six months

Interview with Nuno Corte-Real - Designer at Delightfull

Lighting design brand Delightfull does not seize to amaze with their unique and sophisticated designs. From intricate suspension lamps, to sculptural wall sconces, the brand seems to be taking the industry by storm. Designer Nuno Corte-Real known for the Atomic Lamps and Graphic Collection, shares insight into his background, and what inspires his designs.

Interview with Diogo Carvalho - Head Designer of Delightfull

Diogo Carvalho knows well what are the elements that turn Delightfull into a unique lighting brand requested for international projects such as Paramount Hotel, in New York and Delightfull International Corner at Harrods, in London. "In one word, versatility. Heritage Collection is suitable for any ambiance, since classics to urbans, minimalistic or even luxurious", says.

Interview with Lighting Designer Randy Burkett | Philips Lighting

As a prominent figure in the lighting design industry, Randy Burkett, President and Design Principal at Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc. in St. Louis, MO, takes on roles in various associations as part of his goal to inspire future generations.

Designer Interview: Brad Musuraca, Owner of Tronk Design | Hatch: The Design Public® Blog

After graduating from The University of Cincinnati with a degree in classics, Brad Musuraca noticed his friends in the architecture school working on their final furniture-building projects, and thought that it looked like a lot of fun.

Interview with Dying Light Lead Game Designer | N4G

(Gameplay Included) Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski sits down with Xbox Culture and talks about Techlands upcoming game Dying Light.

Interview with International Lighting Designer Michael Ledesma

Growing up in South Africa in the Apartheid era, what wouldn't teenagers have done to attend live international music concerts? But with the boycotts there were few performers visiting the country, and when they did, shows would usually be held two hours away from Johannesburg at Sun City, which then fell under the so called ...

Behind the Light: an interview with our lead visual designer

Hey everyone. Here's a short interview with Mat, our lead visual designer for LightFall, talking about his inspirations, the art style of our game... and even babbling about Breaking Bad. Take a seat for this journey inside this man's crazy mind. Q : How would you describe the style and artwork of LightFall?

Behind The Cover-Exclusive Interview With Behind The Light Designer Rob Carmichael

From optical illusions, to beautiful photo manipulations, to intricate and carefully crafted designs, Artist/Designer Rob Carmichael's work cannot really be categorized as mainstream. Owner of LA/NY based SEEN Studio and main collaborator with indie band Animal Collective, Carmichael's designs and album covers trick the eye and engage your mind.

The Glenn Shrum and Brian McIntyre Interview : illumni - The World Of Creative Lighting Design

The Glenn Shrum and Brian McIntyre Interview Glenn Shrum You two have recently joined forces as Co-Principals of Flux Studio. How did you come to know each other, and what was behind the decision to 'get together', as it were? (left) and Brian McIntyre (right) of Flux Studio.

Interview with Lighting Designer Randy Burkett - LEDinside

The latest Philips Lumec blog entry by the companys Sabrina-Santoro gives delves into the world of lighting designer Randy Burkett. As a prominent figure in the lighting design industry, Randy Burkett, President and Design Principal atRandy Burkett Lighting Design, St. Louis, MO, takes on r..

How to Bring Light Into Your Basement: Interview With Interior Designer

Author: Mary Williams BA (hons) - Updated: 7 July 2013 | Comment Interior designer Amanda Cox started her own business back in 1999. Since then she has worked on a variety of very different projects. Here she discusses some of the best ways of bringing light into a basement area.

JOHN SPRADBERY- An Interview with The Legendary Lighting Designer for The Lindsay Kemp Theatre Company.

This interview was made in 2012 as part of the filming for 'Lindsay Kemp's Last Dance', a forthcoming feature documentary about legendary theatrical genius Lindsay Kemp. As well as a rare insight into the early days of the Lindsay Kemp Company, John Spradbery gives a fascinating overview of British and Australian theatre in the 1950s, '60s and '70s.