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North Korea

A Photographic Tour Of A Country That Doesn't Like Cameras

German photojournalist Julia Leeb made two trips inside North Korea in 2012 and 2013, and she took photos that offer a glimpse into perhaps the most isolated and mysterious country in the world. She's collected some of what she saw in a new book of photographs called North Korea: Anonymous Country.

Life Beyond North Korea's Gulag

(This is the third of three articles. Read parts one and two here.) North Korea is hardly known for its permissive attitude toward political dissent. For some 70 years, open political challenges to the government have been met with precision brutality.

Coalition Seeks to Send North Korea to International Court Over Rights Abuses

UNITED NATIONS - Seven months after a groundbreaking report documenting how North Korea tortured and starved its citizens, a broad coalition of countries is pushing for the first time to refer Pyongyang to the International Criminal Court for prosecution of crimes against humanity.

North Korea's gulags: a horror "without any parallel in the contemporary world"

The gulags of North Korea exist in a strange world between secret and unsecret. No one knows for sure how many thousands or millions are locked away in the camps, which officially do not exist, and information about what goes on there can be sparse.

Artist paints Kim Jong-un caricature onto 374-pound pumpkin

Most people hack their pumpkins up like some sort of butcher, but Jeanette Paras prefers to paint famous faces on hers. Paras has been painting celebrities on pumpkins since before Taylor Swift was born (1988, to be exact), and since then, she's turned massive pumpkins into the likes of Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry, Jay Leno and Santa Claus.

North Koreans working as 'state-sponsored slaves' in Qatar

Thousands of migrant labourers from North Korea are toiling for years on construction sites in Qatar for virtually no pay - including on the vast new metropolis that is the centrepiece of the World Cup - in what may amount to 'state-sponsored slavery'.

Secret Photos From Inside North Korea Show Life In The World's Most Isolated Country

For travelers visiting North Korea, taking the wrong photo can be a punishable offense. Guides stay close to tourists, letting them know when it's okay to snap the shutter, and North Korean citizens are supposed to report any photography they see. Professional photojournalists are rarely allowed to enter the country.

North Korea's Horrors

The news from North Korea is usually nasty and bizarre, especially in the three years since Kim Jong-un inherited the insidious personality cult of his grandfather and father. The 30-something Kim was said to have fed his disgraced and once-powerful uncle to a pack of dogs for disrespecting him.

Six Days in North Korea

Faced with mystery, we project ourselves onto it - stretching our misapprehensions to fill the glaring gaps on the screen. For decades, North Korea has been the least illuminated of mysteries, the rare insights often stranded without context.

Illuminating North Korea

Faced with mystery, we project ourselves onto it - stretching our misapprehensions to fill the glaring gaps on the screen. For decades, North Korea has been the least illuminated of mysteries, the rare insights often stranded without context.

The night I helped my mother escape North Korea

I set my phone to silent, dressed myself entirely in black and walked calmly and purposefully through the hotel lobby. Outside I hailed a cab and directed the driver to take me to the point where the town ended, about 200 yards from the river.

VICE Meets Kim Hye-Sook | VICE | Canada

Ben Makuch met up with Kim Hye-sook in Seoul, where she currently resides, to talk about her pictures and experiences from her 28 years at Bukchang labour camp.

'North Korea Confidential' and 'North Korea Undercover'

He was the Tammany Hall boss of North Korea, the man who dispensed favors and stayed close to the ruling Kim family, so close he married the daughter of the nation's founder. He got rich by selling commodities to China: low-end coal and probably the more valuable rare earths.

Illuminating North Korea

Faced with mystery, we project ourselves onto it - stretching our misapprehensions to fill the glaring gaps on the screen. For decades, North Korea has been the least illuminated of mysteries, the rare insights often stranded without context.

North Korean Labour Camps | VICE | United Kingdom

Kim Jong Il has come up with a new way to bring cold hard cash into his isolated country: export North Korean workers to slave away in the Siberian forest. VICE founder Shane Smith travels to Russia to investigate a chain of North Korean labor camps in the Amur region.

North Korea orders workers to start their day at 5 a.m.

At the best of times, life is not great for most North Koreans. They live in an isolated totalitarian state beset by food shortages and ruled through fear by one of the world's most repressive regimes. But spare a thought for denizens of the Hermit Kingdom toiling there right now, amid a brutal heat wave that has seen temperatures surge past the July average.

North Korea Has Publicly Executed 1,382 People Since 2000, Report Claims | VICE News

Kim Jong-un's regime in North Korea is infamous for its brutality, with "purges" of top officials regularly reported, and tens of thousands of citizens known to be imprisoned in concentration camps. But the extreme secrecy that persists in the Hermit Kingdom rarely allows for a detailed accounting of exactly how often the draconian government kills its own people.

Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea

Perhaps no country on earth is more misunderstood by Americans than is North Korea. Though the country's leadership is typically portrayed as buffoonish, even silly, in fact they are deadly serious in their cruelty and skill at retaining power. Though the country is seen as Soviet-style Communist, in fact it is better understood as a hold-over of Japanese fascism.

Humans of North Korea: An ordinary American tourist's photos from inside the Hermit Kingdom

Like many other young Americans, Taylor Pemberton went on vacation this summer and shared photos of the trip on Instagram. But instead of taking beach selfies or food 'grams like his peers, Pemberton's Instagram account houses a collection of incredible, everyday images from his visit to North Korea.

Photos: A striking glimpse of women's street style in North Korea

Outsiders don't often get to see behind the closed doors of North Korea-and when we do, what we usually see of its tightly-controlled society is usually strict conformity or bleakness. Photographer Mihaela Noroc offers a rare perspective with images from her series The Atlas of Beauty, which celebrates the diversity of beauty through portraits of ordinary women around the world.

For North Korean Refugees, What Happens After the Escape?

The following account is written by a field coordinator for Liberty in North Korea, an international NGO that assists in the rescue and resettlement of North Korean refugees. This account contains elements from several missions. Identities have been omitted so as not to compromise any one group.

Kim Jong-un's Generational Ambitions

It was party time in Pyongyang. Workers scrambled to hang congratulatory banners in the lobby of the Koryo Hotel, my home away from home in the North Korean capital, where I was posted as an Associated Press correspondent.

North Korea is heading for a cataclysmic collapse - and nobody cares

The short-term questions about North Korea's alleged nuclear test are important. Has there been a real test? What does this mean for the regime's position? Is Kim Jong Un still trying to consolidate power by pandering to the hardliners of his regime? How will China react? All of these are important questions.

The case for invading North Korea

North Korea is a joke, and shame on us for laughing. The "Hermit Kingdom" with its retro aesthetic and its goofy-looking leader makes us laugh, from our well-heated homes. That's what The Interview and "Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things" are all about.