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Modeling Agency - Tips to Find the Best One

Selecting a modeling agency is not an easy task it is one of the very first steps most people take up when they begin to start in this industry.

Expert in the Recruitment and Placement of Child Talent

Bettina Management is a child modelling and talent agency working with Australia's biggest lifestyle and fashion brands across all industries. We have developed long-standing relationships with our expansive client list and offer the absolute best exposure for Australian talent. Our distinctive professionalism and prompt service are evident in dealing with parents and clients alike.

Guidelines On How To Choose The Right Modeling Agency

For obtaining a prosperous career along with a bright future in the world of modelling you have to constantly seek a professional modelling agency which will give you the best career launch with all of the best resources and contracts in the industry.

Baby Modeling Agency - How to Choose the Right One

It's a sad fact that the baby modeling business is full of scams and ploys to cheat you out of your money and precious time. There's a short period of time that your child can model as a baby. You need to make the most of it by choosing a legitimate and hard-working baby modeling agency.

Six Things That a Legitimate Modeling Agency Might Ask of You

So now you know what a modeling agency won't ask of you but what sort of things might they ask you to do?

A modeling agency may have a clause in your contract requiring you to pay back all or a portion of their initial outlay from the money you earn. Another seemingly crazy thing a legitimate modeling agency may ask of you is that you do some work for free… at first. When a modeling agency is interested in developing you as a model they will not ask you to pay to build your portfolio or to take classes but this doesn’t mean they’ll break the bank to get you ready for the fashion world. It is totally reasonable for a modeling agency to want you to change your looks to meet their needs. Along the same lines as the makeover it is also common for a legitimate modeling agency to ask you to lose or gain weight or to tone up your body with exercise. If you get signed to a modeling agency you should expect to travel, and some of the destinations may be exotic and far, far away.

Modeling: How to Choose an Agency

If you watch Dateline NBC, 20/20, or 60 Minutes, you can see the horror stories from parents who were stopped in the mall or other public places by someone claiming to be a recruiter for a modeling agency. These recruiters promised that their child had what it takes to be famous. (Let’s face it, we all know that our children are the cutest and most talented of all the kids we know. It is flattering when a talent agent confirms our own beliefs, right?)
Those news stories go into depth showing how less-than-reputable “agencies” milk parents out of money on the promise that their child can be famous. These agencies can suck you dry monetarily by requiring professional photo portfolios, expensive modeling/acting classes, and annual membership fees. I can tell you right now that if you come across one of these situations… run away, FAST!!!

How to Choose a Modeling Agency | eHow

It is no simple feat to get the attention of a reputable modeling agency. In most cases you don't choose the agency, the agency chooses you. However, if you're lucky enough to have more than one modeling agency interested in you, stay grounded and take the time to evaluate them carefully before making a final selection.

How to Choose the Right Model Agency

Most seasoned models understand the importance of choosing the right modeling agency. If you choose the wrong one, it can make your career as a model, very miserable. With the right one, it is a marriage made in heaven. So, how do you choose the right agency for you?

How to Choose the Right Child Modeling Agencies

The right child modeling agency would surely aid your children in becoming the next celebrities! So, you better read as much as you can about them. Start now. What are kids modeling agencies? As their name gives away, kids modeling agencies are management institutions that cater for young models.