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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Content Marketing - Existing Models

Social Readiness: How Advanced Companies Prepare via @jowyang

Social media crises on the rise - yet most companies are ill-prepared. Companies are quick to deploy the latest social media technology, yet most have not prep...

Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Downtime via @SilkCharm

I've spoken a few times in workshops and written here on the bloggy (e.g. April last year) about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Jean-Marie Guitera from Subversive Games mentioned it tonight at AIMIA Oline Games as if it was something new - I think he said no-one in the States was following it.

The Hierarchy of Needs for Social Media Evangelists

What do you need from your job to succeed? Good salary? Short commute? Work/life balance? Everyone has their own dealbreakers and must-haves - what's important to one person may not matter to another. These variables differ greatly from profession to profession too. I remember weighing a competing job offer some time ago that offered a [...]

Cucumber's marketing hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow was an American Psychologist who is best known for creating a hierarchy of needs based on human needs and fulfillment (which is often used in marketing, of course). Maslow's hierarchy of needs illustrates that people are motivated to achieve a certain need and when one is fulfilled, the individual will seek the next.

SEO Hierarchy of Needs

30,000 Foot Level viw of our SEO process.

Content Got Needs? via @nickellet

ReThinking Maslow in the Age of Social. Explore the 5 needs of Social Content I feel like I could write an essay on this - even a book. Perhaps I will, but all...

Build Better Content

How does Facebook plan, structure, and create content for more than a billion people? And how does Facebook design and build product content experiences that a...

The Hierarchy of Content Needs: A New Model for Creating and Assessing Content

Written by Hilary Marsh Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a theory of human motivation that he called the hierarchy of needs. As explained in the Economist, "Needs in the lower categories have to be satisfied before needs in the higher ones can act as motivators.

A hierarchy of content needs - Scriptorium Publishing

by Sarah O'Keefe | 7 Comments Some thoughts on how to evaluate a hierarchy of content needs as a foundation for content strategy. In working through the idea of minimum viable content, I decided to build out a hierarchy of content needs based on Maslow's hierarchy.