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Updated by Melissa Monte on Sep 06, 2014
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Apps for Hanging out with Friends in Real Life

Here's a list of social apps that help you actually hang out with your friends instead of just networking with them online!

Flares - Mobile Signals

Flares is a new mobile messaging service that enables you to shoot visual signals to your friends and family to let them know exactly where you are - when it matters to them the most. The signal works just like a real flare! Flares are accessible for 60 minutes after sending and viewable for up to 40 seconds before expiring from the recipient’s phone. Use them to indicate a meeting spot, let everyone know you’re running late, pester a sibling to get a move on, coordinate drop-off and pick-up locations… Flares can be used anytime you need to quickly send a signal that you care.


• Use 1-flick firing for instant location updates
• Fire flares to groups of friends in seconds
• Send unlimited flares for free
• Be creative: A flare can mean whatever you choose
• Much safer to use while walking, multitasking, or driving: no texting required

Groupsy - Never miss out on hanging out with friends

Never miss out on hanging out with friends again...

Get notifications anytime any of your friends is going out. Going to the movies, don't know who to bring? Groupsy automatically alerts your friends, and they can plan to meet you there or be picked up with the tap of a button.

Groupsy gets a group of friends going anywhere you want.

Add people you know, and don't worry, unless you're friends with someone, they can't see where you're going.

• Choose a place to go
• Pick a time to meet up
• Say who's coming along
• Post your event, and have all your friends notified

• Login with Facebook
• Login with Twitter
• Easily find and add your friends

Connect - Social Map & Address Book

Stay connected to friends in the real world. See all your friends on a map, stay in touch as you’re on the move, and keep all your contacts up-to-date and in one place.

Key features:

  • See a map of all your friends
  • See which cities your friends live in and where they've checked in recently
  • Have your entire network always up-to-date and in your pocket
  • Search everyone you know by job title, school and more
  • Get notified when out-of-town friends visit your area
  • Get notified when friends post near you
  • Let your friends know how long you'll be somewhere
  • Check in with a photo
Rally Messenger

A messaging app for Rallying your friends together!

Message with a Group of your friends. Send a Rally to temporarily put yourself and the rest of the Group on a map.

Rally is built for privacy. It is always 100% clear who can see where you are. At any time, you can always swipe left on a Group to “Hide Me”. You are in complete control of your privacy (and destiny).

- Message with several different people/Groups at once
- Swipe a Group to the right to Rally
- Rally for 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr, 3 hrs, or until 3am ;)
- Swipe to Accept/Ignore requests to Rally
- Pull the left edge of a Chat screen to the right to return to the Groups screen

- Continued use of the gps in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
- WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. We will respond to every email. Send feedback at


SocialRadar gives you real-time information about the people around you. Know who’s around. See how you’re connected. Discover what they’ve been up to. All while controlling your privacy on one beautiful app.

Imagine walking into a room already knowing there are 4 co-workers, 2 college friends, and 3 friends of friends nearby. And that one of your college friends just got engaged and your co-worker was just promoted.

It works by combining your phone’s location info with the chatter from your social networks.

Most importantly, you have total control over your privacy. You can share your information publicly, just with your friends, be anonymous, or be invisible.

The most powerful application ever created for:
• Being aware of the people and connections around you
• Seeing where your friends are
• Making new connections
• Professional networking

WeShould - Your Friendship Reminder

Find yourself often saying to friends “We should hang out more!” but it never happens? This is the app you’ve been waiting for! WeShould helps you make real memories, with your real friends, in real life.

  • Add any of your friends to WeShould, they DON’T EVEN NEED TO HAVE THE APP, and they won't know you’ve picked them!
  • Share what you want, when you want on popular social networks, or keep your memories private.
  • Easily pull in friends from Facebook or your address book.
  • WeShould protects your privacy: NO FOLLOWING, NO PUBLIC PROFILE!


Yeti - Local Discussions

Yeti is a fun way to connect with what's happening around you. Swipe right to join discussions that interest you. It's like Tinder, for places!

With members in more than 100 countries around the world, start and join discussions with people nearby. The conversation is global, so you can connect with people from different cultures across the map.


1) No need to sign up right away, just start swiping through interesting conversations.
2) Swipe right when you're interested in a discussion.
3) Create your own conversations.
4) Simply tap an image to comment on the picture and join the discussion.
5) Store all your favorite discussions to revisit later.

Reach out and say hi if you want to chat,