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Updated by Michael Jensen on Sep 01, 2014
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The links I shared last week

This is the collected list of the links I shared last week!

10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Social Media (Infographic)

Did you know Fridays are funny on Pinterest? Or that brands have one hour to respond to someone on Twitter? Or that Twitter has six distinct communication networks? Social media is evolving so rapidly that it can be tough to keep up.

5 Reasons Why Social-Media Marketing Is Overrated

You've seen it, right? You log onto Facebook to see what your friends are up to and the sponsored posts promising to teach you how your business can make seven-figures through social media marketing. You see the ads and you wonder if social-media marketing is the missing piece of the puzzle to help your business grow?


Fancred helps you capture your favorite moments as a sports fan.

It's a gamer thing: Amazon buying Twitch

Watching people play video games is apparently not only popular, it's extremely valuable. Amazon agreed on Monday to pay $970 million to acquire Twitch, a service that lets users watch and broadcast video game play. Each month millions of people tune into Twitch to watch friends and strangers play video games, including competitive tournaments.

Social CRM: Bringing Customer Data to the Forefront and Improving Brand Loyalty

We've reached a critical stage in customer-centric strategies, which a Forrester analyst has referred to as the "age of the customer." Instead of offering customers services that the company deems most fit for them, companies are now gathering information on customer behaviors and offering them what they know the customer wants.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Employees on the Cheap

Affordable Tips to Keep Them Happy Keeping your staff happy, engaged, and motivated to do their best work day in and day out should always be a top priority for your business -- in good times and in bad. But that can be tough when your business doesn't have the cash to hand out big raises, even when they're deserved.

At what point should a start-up seek serious investment? -

You are reading an article fromtheHow to find fundingseries, to read more about this you can visittheseries homepage. You recently managed to secure funding from an angel investor, how did you find the whole process? During the development of our Asap Rescue Water Craft I had imagined taking on inve...

Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience With These 5 Tips

Developing a specific and unique competitive advantage is crucial for business success. Over the years and in my work here at Xero, a company providing cloud accounting software, I've talked to thousands of small business owners and have found many believe that their company's success relies solely on offering a superior product or service.

4 Steps to Implementing a Social CRM Strategy |

Are you using social media to improve your customer service? Is your current Customer Relationship Management process inefficient? A fine-tuned social customer service strategy increases customer engagement. In this article I'll share four easy steps for developing a social CRM strategy. Why a Social Media CRM Strategy?

Social Media Strategcy - Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy

I'm in Dallas this week presenting a workshop on integrating content marketing and social media strategy and a session on strategic content curation for the Social Media Strategies Summit (at the wonderful Hotel ZaZa).

Term Of The Day: 'Google Dorking'

If you are a competent internet user, chances are you've done something called "Google Dorking."And now the Feds have issued a warning to U.S. businesses to be on the lookout for Google Dorking activity as a sign of hackers.

How To Build A Social Following - In Photos: Seven Tips To Get More Social Media Followers

Amy Jo Martin, founder of social media consultancy Digital Royalty and author of Renegades Write The Rules, says the best way to build a social media following is through sharing. She provides the following tips on how to provide quality content and build out your network.

6 Ways Writing a Book Can Help Your Business

With self-publishing becoming easier, more and more entrepreneurs are able to reap the rewards of writing about their business. Putting pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - can instantly give you credibility, position you as an expert in your field and draw attention to your company.

Cirque du Soleil's BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY: One-page Story of How Cirque du Soleil Used a Business Model Yacht to Sail to...

In 2005, W. Chan Kim & R. Mauborgne published "Blue Ocean Strategy." This book has sold over 2 million copies and is translated in over 40 languages. Lean Star...