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Headline for Crown Jewelers - Best Pawn Shop in Utah
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Crown Jewelers - Best Pawn Shop in Utah

Crown Jewelers & Pawn one of the leading pawn shops located in the South Salt Lake, UT. This pawn shop deals in selling and buying different kinds of household items such as jewelry, electronics, power tools, air tools, musical instruments, automotive tools, watches, household equipment and much more.

Different Kinds of Jewelry

The Crown Jeweler one of the best pawn shop in Utah and offers all kinds of jewelry items to their clients such as silver, gold, platinum, diamond, gemstones and more.

Automotive Tools

Find different kinds of automotive tools and accessories at pawn shops in Utah. Some of the main tools include wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer and more.

Power Tools

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power and mechanism other than the solely manual labor used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors, Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used.

Air Tools

A pneumatic tool, air tool or air-powered tool is a type of power tool driven by compressed air. Buy all kinds of air tools and accessories from SLC pawn shops.


Crown jewelers and pawn one of the leading pawn shops in Utah for buying and selling different kinds of electronic items such as TV, cameras, camcorders, gaming systems and more.

Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is an instrument created or adapted to make musical sounds. Any object that produces sound can be a musical instrument. Buy all kinds of musical instruments from the salt lake city pawn shop.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods are objects, which are used for sport or exercise. Pawn shops in Utah offer all kinds of sporting goods at affordable prices.


Pawn shop in Utah one of the best place for buying all kinds of collectibles such as coins, toys, antiques and more.


A camera is an optical instrument that records images that can be stored directly, transmitted to another location. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies

Women's Jewelry

Crown Jewelers & Pawn one of the best pawn shops in Utah for buying all kinds of women’s jewelry items such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and watches.