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Updated by Fusion 360 on Aug 25, 2014
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Reasons the Police in "Lets be Cops" Would Be Sued for Personal Injury

With Russian gangsters, gorgeous college coeds and beach goers, imposter cops, and loads of fun, “Let’s Be Cops” is a wild ride. It may be tempting to try to copy these guys and impersonate cops for Halloween in Utah or as a prank. But don’t copy their behavior. You might end up dealing with personal injury lawyers.


Ryan’s game of football with the kids is quite rough. He easily could have given them an injury, and their parents could hire lawyers. Just fun and games can turn into a legal fiasco real quick.

Sucker Punch

When Justin punches Ryan while wearing a ghost costume, he could have been sued. It was a harmless prank, but the nose surgery could cost him.


They make a skateboarder hit the pavement by yelling at him. It wasn’t like he was on a half pipe like some of the parks in Utah have. He was cruising on the sidewalk. He certainly could have hired personal injury lawyers to get his revenge on these would-be cops.


Breaking up the sorority catfight was messy. Not only did they insult Precious and read her roommate’s personal messages on her phone, but they hit and kicked the two girls. Not a good strategy if you want to avoid time in court.

A series of events

Last but not least, there are the issues with the Russians. First, they get into a car accident. Next, Ryan is abducted and lands some heavy blows on his captors. Then Justin attempts to fight Mossi and his gang. Justin’s pitch for his video game is interrupted, and a fight breaks out. Finally, they attack Mossi and only win with Segar’s help.




So Utah residents beware. If you ever impersonate cops, be sure you have competent personal injury lawyers on your side.




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