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ERP Software News

List of ERP Software Applications deployed in various companies.

VISUAL Builds Race Cars - Synergy Resources

Bay Shore, New York- Synergy Resources, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions and services, and Infor, one of the largest global providers of business software, recently announced a gift of software and services to Farmingdale State College for its business and computer systems classes.

Canadian Manufacturers Booming With ERP Implementations - Synergy Resources

Canadian Manufacturers is booming. It's clear from the volume of new ERP implementations. Over the past few months Synergy Resources has welcomed a virtual cornucopia of new Canadian customers (eg Powersonic, Atlantic Ind, B&R Machine, RDH, Vecture Ind.and more). That drives the quantity of Canadian manufacturers using VISUAL to over 500 and establishes it as ...

Sherwood Turns Up The Heat With VISUAL ERP - Synergy Resources

With Integrated Financials, KPI Dashboards and streamlined Material Planning and Operations, Sherwood will really be turning up the heat with VISUAL ERP. Synergy Resources today announced that Sherwood Ind., a Victoria, BC-based manufacturer and distributor of wood pellet stoves and barbeques has selected VISUAL for their ERP initiatives.

Throughput Accounting - Synergy Resources

Welcome to Synergy Resources' Continual Improvement in Manufacturing (CIM) Journal. Over the next several months, we will be exploring here a variety of techniques that can be used to continually improve manufacturing operations. We strongly encourage you to post questions and leave feedback. The greatest benefits come from addressing problems in fundamental areas.

SBS - Business Revolution Through Evolution - Synergy Resources

In a time where manufacturing companies in America are struggling to survive, Synergy Resources Strategic Business Planning Program has provided our company with a roadmap to achieve World-Class performance. This program has re-energized our employees and our management team and focused our company on growth and efficiency through operational excellence.

Why Are A Handful of Leaders Better At Performance Improvements? - Synergy Resources

Assuming you have effectively answered the 4 questions that every business must continuously ask themselves during and after setting the company's strategic plan and objectives: "Why" is it important to change now? "What" must improve & what will it mean to our business? "Who" will need to be involved in the execution?

Why Everything You Know About ERP is Wrong - Synergy Resources

ERP has been the backbone of manufacturing IT for so long that it has taken on its own myths. The trouble is that these myths are now 'accepted wisdom', despite being anything but acceptable or wise. Destruction of these misconceptions is long overdue. Misconception 1: ERP is costly "For manufacturers with multiple sites, subsidiary companies, ...

Why Is Lean More Popular Than Six Sigma And The Theory of Constraints? - Synergy Resources

I think there is much more in common between Lean and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) than we'd like to admit. As big and broad as Lean is, the real benefit of implementing it the right way attacks the same problem with the same benefits as TOC.

Are you growing for growth's sake? - Synergy Resources

Growing, of course, is much better than the alternative, but when we are in growth mode, we are often so satisfied (perhaps even thrilled) of that specific direction, that we fail to keep an eye on the bigger picture and the bigger question - is our growth enabling better performance, or hindering it?

Ward Leonard holds first Visual ERP Seminar - Synergy Resources

On June 14, Ward Leonard Connecticut, LLC, held its first Visual ERP Suite Seminar, entitled "Showcasing Achievements, Leveraging the Visual ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Suite." Teaming-up with Synergy Resources, a professional consulting services firm which has helped Ward Leonard with employee procedures and training for the Visual ERP software, Ward Leonard demonstrated the uses, benefits, ...

Kaizen: A Marvel Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

In Japanese, "Kaizen" means "Continuous Improvement". In simple terms, it means a continuous effort to enhance the quality of products or services offered by a business. It is all about making positive changes in a systematic manner to bring about qualitative improvement in a process.

Simplifying Lean, Six-Sigma & Kaizen with Synergy Resources

As advocates of continuous improvement in manufacturing services, ERP consultants regularly receive a series of queries from their potential clients regarding Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen . They often ask us how to differentiate between them. Some ask about the appropriate timing to apply the relevant principles of the three processes.

Signs that you need a new ERP System for Your Business

These days the manufacturing world is abuzz about ERP, and keen to know the benefits of using it. So, what is enterprise resource planning? Well, in simple terms it is a modern enterprise system that helps organizations plan, track and manage their businesses in an efficient manner.

Lean Manufacturing - Synergy Resources

Lean Manufacturing initially started at Toyota in Japan (The Toyota Production System, TPS), which is now a much talked about concept in the manufacturing industry. So, what does it actually mean? The philosophy of this term is all about focusing on the customer as the most significant part of a business.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software, an Overview

Let's talk about what exactly this software is all about, and why more and more businesses are utilizing its benefits to gain a competitive advantage. To begin with, think of all the processes that are an essential part of your manufacturing business.

Strategic Business Services – Synergy Resources

For companies serious about improving business performance and with the resolve to take the necessary action, Synergy's Strategic Business Services team offers a hands-on approach to sustainable performance improvement. We will work with your team to assess, develop, align and execute the necessary action needed to put you on the road to improved performance.

The Secret to Successful ERP Implementation

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the terminology for a software application that enables a seamless integration of data across all departments and functions in an organization. It enhances the "enterprise" for making better use of "resources", leading to their effective planning and channelization. The ERP software gives many tangible as well as non-tangible benefits ...

The Way to Strike the Right Chord of Quality, Throughput and Profit - Synergy Resources

Is your manufacturing business well-equipped to meet the complex, order-driven product scheduling? If your answer is "yes", then without a tinge of doubt, your business is well on course for optimum productivity and profitability. In that case, your company must have the manufacturing capacity built around excellent scheduling.


Are you an IT Professional INUNDATED with requests for report Mods? Are you an ERP end-user FRUSTRATED with how long it takes IT to change a simple report for you? Synergy SmartViews allows the users to get the data they want, when they want it, HOW they want it!

The Best Things about Hospital Management Software in 2019

Modern hospitals provide basic infrastructure to their employees, which collect patient information in a database, helping them to examine the history of the disease in a skilled and fast way and test the results.
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