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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Sep 04, 2017
Headline for Making Home: 10 Home Décor D.I.Y. Projects for the Fall
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Making Home: 10 Home Décor D.I.Y. Projects for the Fall

Fall is around the corner and so are short days, time spent inside, and a wardrobe change. Crafting your surroundings can be time consuming , but satisfying because the final product is handmade and free from the pulls of consumption. Wasting time and money in the mall is a thing of the past, so here are 10 home décor DIY projects.




Cushions are the best way to add something extra to your home. They're also fairly easy because seriously, sometimes the time it takes to craft is a privilege for those with more time away from work and responsibilities. The best thing about making pillows is you can sew them by hand and re use any scrap fabric around.


If you live in a small space organization is the key to finding things; this of course doesn't apply to those who find things by kicking the stuff on their floor out of the way, they obviously have magical powers. For the rest of us muggles, DIY organization stations are the way to go.

Mini Camera Magnet

This mini camera magnet would also make a sweet gift for the holidays. This project is one of those "extra" projects if you have some time and are looking to add tiny details to your home. You could even use old fridge magnets, or buy some at a second hand store.

Postcard Art

Postcard art, or any photo art actually, is a fairly easy way to change the feeling of your surroundings. You can find cheap and funky picture frames at second hand stores, or even free if you're dumpster diving behind a Michaels store (if the gate is unlocked and you're quick).

Candle Jars

During short days, when the sun runs away before dinner time (and doesn't come back to eat like a teenager), candles are a great way to softly light up the home. Decorating some jars gives them a spot to live, and signifies their importance in the homey-ness of your space. Candles are also good if you're a renegade with no use for power (or/and you're hiding).


I realize that this is a product you can purchase, and if you want to, do it. But for those who would rather do it from scratch, this one is good for inspiration. Coasters are also a nice holiday gift, because they're for people with furniture they want to protect, which might be useless to you (it certainly is for me), but great for the lady with the antique coffee table (even if it's from the 80s). If you're feeling really lazy and scrappy, you could always steal some from a bar.




A loom is actually a really fun thing to have, just think of all the tea towels you'll amass! Every single person in your life will be so excited when you finally give up your tea towel hoard and stuff every stocking on the block with multi-coloured little towels. Admit it, they're handy. If you get real ambitious, you could go all the way and make a scarf.




Here's a lil' mirror for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or parking garage. It's good for wherever you want to look at yourself, and for most of us, that's everywhere. You obviously don't have to make this one, just use it as inspiration because there are many beautiful ways you can make a framed mirror.

Wall art

Décor it yourself videos are fantastic because they're actually entertaining. Sometimes it's nice to have a video that gives you step by step advice. This is best for DIY beginners because written instructions can read like another language all together.

Bean Bag Chair

This project might take a while, but a living room full of bean bag chairs is like every college students dream. And just think, you can make two and put them together, so you have the perfect makeshift bed.