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Updated by Tom Townsend on Feb 29, 2016
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Gravity Forms - 3rd Party Add-Ons -N - Snippets

This is a GROWING list of add-ons and Code Snippets (outside of those listed within the Gravity Forms) that expands the usage of Gravity Forms. These are hard to find unless you have taken the time to search for these little GEMS...

We use Gravity Forms on most all of our clients sites because of how versatile it is. Get Gravity Forms here -> (aff link)
WordPress › Gravitate Encryption " WordPress Plugins

Description: This plugin allows the data stored by Gravity forms and other Plugins to be Encrypted and even sent to another database if needed. The Plugin allows for Symmetric and A-Semmetric Encryption.

Disable Gravity Forms Fields Plugin

This very simple plugin allows Gravity Forms users to disable ("grey out" or make "read only") form fields by adding a CSS class name of "disabled" to the field under the Advanced tab. you can download the plugin below. While working on a client project, I needed to create a form in Gravity Forms that included a "Today's Date" field.

How to Add Scrolling Text to Gravity Forms

There are times when website owners need to add lengthy text (i.e. Terms and Conditions) to a form built using Gravity Forms. If you're trying to add a Terms and Conditions acceptance to your form, you will likely include a radio button or checkbox for acceptance that is required for submission.

Create Custom Testimonials with WordPress and Gravity Forms

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to create a Testimonials section on your WordPress website without using any testimonials plugin. There are certainly many different plugins you could use to accept and display testimonials on your site but sometimes these plugins don't cut it especially if you want to really customize the info collected from the user or how to output the testimonial.

How to Remove Gravity Forms Entries Still Marked as Unread

One of the WordPress websites I manage has had Gravity Forms entries stuck in the "Unread" status for quite some time. Over the last couple weeks, it went from three unread entries to six.

WordPress › Easy Modal " WordPress Plugins

Make a pop up in minutes - Logins, Auto Exits, Scroll Pops, Age Verification Pops - use EasyModal's ultimate theme capabilities and customization options to make glorious pop ups that increase your site's usability, conversion rates and market your most precious content.

Speed Up Your Gravity Forms Testing: Unrequire Required Fields

Filling out field after required field can rot your brain. Save a huge amount of time by automatically unrequiring required fields. I've been using this snippet for quite some time with my Gravity Forms development.

WordPress › Forms: 3rd-Party Dynamic Fields " WordPress Plugins

Provides some dynamic field values via placeholder to plugin "Forms: 3rdparty Integration".

ACF { Gravity Forms Field

Adds a 'Select' field populated with Gravity Forms for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. Overview This add-on will allow you to select one or ma

WordPress › Gravitate Gforms API Helper " WordPress Plugins

Author: Gravitate Description: This is Plugin Helper to allow you to easily setup an External API on Gravity Form Submissions. You can link multiple API calls to a single Gravity Form Submission. This does require a Developer to complete the API sections. How to Use it:

WordPress › Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader " WordPress Plugins

Need more control over Gravity Forms multiple file uploads. Want to store file uploads in WordPress media library. Large file support with chunked uploads, get around server upload limits Like a choice of upload user interfaces (jQuery UI, Queue, Custom) Need advanced control over plupload options Would like to store uploaded videos on YouTube account (also Brightcove.

WordPress › MailPoet Gravity Forms Add-on " WordPress Plugins

This plugin requires MailPoet plugin and Gravity Forms plugin. This simple plugin adds a new field for you to allow your visitors to subscriber to your MailPoet newsletters. Localization English (US)[Default] - always included. mailpoet-gravity-forms-addon.pot file in language folder for translations. If you would like to do a translation for the plugin, you can do so via Transifex.

Affiliates Gravity Forms

Required plugins: Gravity Forms and Affiliates. This extension integrates the Affiliates plugins (Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise) with Gravity Forms. You must have Gravity Forms and one of the Affiliates plugins installed and activated on your WordPress site. See the requirements and features based on Gravity Forms Add-Ons below for more details.

WordPress › Infusionsoft Gravity Forms Add-on " WordPress Plugins

The best Infusionsoft plugin for WordPress. Easily add contacts into Infusionsoft when users submit a Gravity Forms form. Map your Gravity Forms form fields to Infusionsoft data, and have contacts automatically updated if the contact already exists. Easily view contacts in Infusionsoft When the Entry is created, a link to the Contact's page in Infusionsoft is shown inside WordPress.

WordPress › Marketing Optimizer for WordPress " WordPress Plugins

New* Completely Updated for 2014 We listened to your feedback and improved the interface and functionality to make testing your content easier than ever.

WordPress › Gravity Forms ExactTarget Add-on " WordPress Plugins

This plugin requires the amazing Gravity Forms plugin. Don't use Gravity Forms? Get the plugin , then start using this great plugin! Integrate Gravity Forms with ExactTarget If you use ExactTarget and WordPress, this plugin is for you. Sync Gravity Forms forms with your ExactTarget account - if a linked Gravity Form is submitted, all data will be seamlessly added to ExactTarget.

WordPress › Gravity Forms: Post Updates " WordPress Plugins

Allows you to use Gravity Forms to update any post on the front end. If you use the "Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types", you can even update custom post types and use custom taxonomies.

WordPress › Gravity Forms Mass Import " WordPress Plugins

NOTE: The earliest version of Gravity Forms this plugin has been tested with is v1.6.3 and the latest is v1.6.12. This plugin allows Gravity Forms users to import entries from a CSV file A new item will appear in you gravity forms side menu called "Import Entries".

WordPress › Gravity Forms eWAY " WordPress Plugins

Integrate Gravity Forms with the eWAY credit card payment gateway

WordPress › Gravity Forms DPS PxPay " WordPress Plugins

Gravity Forms DPS PxPay adds a credit card payment gateway for DPS PxPay to the Gravity Forms plugin. build online donation forms build online booking forms build simple Buy Now forms NB: this plugin extends Gravity Forms; you still need to install and activate Gravity Forms! Sponsorships creation of this plugin was generously sponsored by IstanbulMMV Thanks for sponsoring new features on Gravity Forms DPS PxPay!

WordPress › Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on " WordPress Plugins

This is the best WordPress Salesforce plugin. Integrate Your Forms with Salesforce Add one setting, check a box when configuring your forms, and all your form entries will be added to Salesforce from now on. Integrating with Salesforce has never been so simple.

Gravity Forms as a Platform: An Introductory Tutorial

It's easy to see how powerful Gravity Forms is out of the box for creating forms, surveys, polls and quizzes on WordPress and analysing the results. What's not so immediately clear is how extensible it is under the hood.

WordPress › Gravity Forms - Clockwork SMS " WordPress Plugins

Adds an SMS box to your Gravity Forms options pages, fill this in and you'll get a text message each time somebody fills out one of your forms. You need a Clockwork SMS account and some Clockwork credit to use this plugin. Requires

Gravity Forms Conditional Logic Based on User Login

If you implemented this snippet prior to Gravity Forms 1.8.x, the previous method no longer works. This article has been updated to reflect the new process. Be sure to recreate your conditional logic rules based on the new instructions. Have you ever wanted to conditionally show or hide a field depending on whether the user is logged in or not?