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Best 12 Inch Bikes for Kids 2016-2017 - Top Reviewed Bicycles for Toddlers and Children

Nowadays, bicycles for kids have taken on a new "color" - with many different kinds of features to make biking easier to learn for toddlers and younger kids, and always, always fun. For the end of 2016 (and into 2017), here are some top picks among the best kids' 12 inch bikes in terms of ratings and popularity - some wonderful gift ideas!


  • "12 inch" refers to the size of the bicycle wheels. These bikes are generally sized for kids who are about 2 to 3 years of age, but more accurately for those children who are between 2'10" and 3'4" tall.
  • You will likely find both balance bikes and bicycles with training wheels on this list.


RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike - 12 Inch

This bicycle comes in different sizes, and has been consistently the most popular among "regular" pedal bikes with training wheels. It comes in different colors as well, and is getting consistent positive reviews from those who buy it. (Note - if you decide to buy this bicycle, make sure to select the 12" wheel size before ordering.)

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Useful for children even as young as 18 months, this 12" bike is quite possibly the "ultimate" in learning bikes. Little ones can learn to balance before tackling pedaling - they can bike with confidence and have a blast. Then later, taking on a more advanced bicycle will likely be much easier!

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys 12" Bike

Popular with the young lads in particular, this "gravel blaster" is just as it sounds - designed to tackle riding a bicycle even on "gravel-ey" surfaces.

Kids, nothing will stand in your way as you blast around on this rough and tough bike! Gravel doesn't stand a chance while riding this one speed, bright and striking green bicycle...

Critical Cycles Cub 12 Inch No-Pedal Balance Bike for Kids

Boasting extremely high ratings from consumers, this 12" "Cub" balance bike from Critical Cycles is right up the alley of little ones learning to ride a bike. Known for its riding ease, durability and for just plain ole fun. =)

RoyalBaby Stargirl 12 Inch Girl's Bike with Training Wheels and Basket

Another stellar "regular pedal" bicycle for kids from RoyalBaby with removable training wheels - quite popular over the past few years, and a true favorite for the little ladies among us. (Note - if buying this bicycle, make sure to select the 12" wheel size before ordering.)

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CPSC Guidelines for Age-Related Activities

CPSC Age Guidelines for Toys and Bikes

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