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Updated by Melinda K Crow on Aug 17, 2014
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Travel Happy Tips: Expect the Unexpected

Learn to roll with whatever comes your way when you travel. It's all part of the adventure!

Travel Fever (the Bad Kind): What to Do When You Get Sick On Vacation

Sara after her Costa Rica health scare (Photo: Sara Stewart) Just keep all your bodily fluids inside until this SUV gets to the emergency room, I tell myself while being bumped and jostled down a barely paved road in Costa Rica. Curled into a clammy, shivering ball, I thought about how differently my day had begun.

Expect the Unexpected: 6 Things You Really Should Anticipate

Kevin A. Woolsey Inside Story What I am about to share is an inside story, never before told to any member of the traveling public. Resort owners and innkeepers worldwide all have our little behind-the-scenes secrets told only to other innkeepers we really trust at end of season parties where we try to top one another's tales of guest or maintenance horrors; this is one of ours.

What If... You Get Injured While Traveling

Broken Jaw X-ray (Photo: Thinkstock) I've bungee jumped, parasailed and jumped off the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. I scuba dive and surf whenever I get the chance. I climbed Kilimanjaro. I'm taking flying trapeze lessons and have gone to stuntman school. The only real injury I got in 12 years of adrenaline-seeking travel?

What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong While Traveling (A Survival Guide)

(Photo: Wavebreakmedia Ltd. / Thinkstock) Sometimes you just have a no good, very bad day. When that day involves airports, travel, a lack of oxygen, satan's spawn, a lot of vomit, and diverted flights, it's all that much more horrid. It happened to me on Saturday. The day started off on a weird note.

Travel Surprise = Travel Adventure Bonus

The first time our daughter, Alyssa, went scuba diving with us in the open ocean was quite memorable. At fifteen she had done fresh water dives, plus we had snorkeled together several times, but she was a little intimidated by the vastness of life under the sea.