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Love Advice Articles

Love advice covers a broad range of the latest love topics and provides valuable insight into attracting the right kind of love into your life and assists in guiding your love life in the right direction.

All you need is love!

How to turn your biggest fear into your biggest need! By understanding love you can learn how to bring the right kind of love into your life. Love is that magical thing that fills your life with joy, it allows you to breathe, it is the food for your heart and soul.

Breaking up when you're in love! - Love Directors

There is a point you will come to, or maybe you're already there, where you know you have to end it. It's a very sad time, there's no doubt about that, but the sense of relief you feel all the way through yourself is heartbreakingly welcome.

How to get back your mojo!

Heartbroken? Lost your smile and swagger? Pack your bags - you're going on a trip! Where do I turn? What do I do? How do I break out of this post relationship miserable mood? If you're asking yourselves these questions right now then it's time to act.

Which road do you take for love? Easy or hard?

The hard road is always the right choice. When faced with decisions in life and especially with love, you can always rely on there being 2 types of choices. So should you take the easy road or the hard road? Every single time please choose the hard road.

Are you lonely?

Is your life being impacted by loneliness? Some people spend their whole life patiently waiting for their suitable match to come into their lives. They find themselves searching and searching until they lose hope and search no longer, only to hear others advice this line of encouragement, 'Don't look for it, you will meet them when it's the right time'.

Act and you will find love!

Why do we think that love will magically come into our lives one day without us doing anything? This statement contradicts every other part of our lives, so why should love be any different? Do we have amazing careers, homes or friends from doing nothing? Absolutely not!

When you would like to be more than friends

Since the beginning of time people have felt an ache deep in their hearts, or a flutter in their butterfly filled bellies, when they think of someone that they long for. It may have started with a short conversation, or an easy friendship, and even in some cases, from first sight.

Are you being scammed in love by someone from the internet?

Love Directors provide a sincere duty of care to anyone that is being scammed or taken advantage of by predators on the Internet! In order to prevent you from getting scammed whilst internet dating or emotionally investing your heart in someone from overseas, you need to know what these people can do, and how to catch them out.

Love or career? Which one do you prioritise?

Find out why there is increasing number of young to middle age professionals returning home to an empty house. In today's society it appears that there are more opportunities to create wealth.

Newly weds-What does your husband want? What does your wife want?

Newly weds - you MUST read this! What does your husband want? What does your wife want? Find out here! The new bride is all a flutter with happiness and cannot stop looking at her wedding band and engagement ring together.

Long distance relationships

What happens when you meet someone special, someone that made an everlasting impression on you and then they had to return to their own state or country after the holiday or work trip had finished?

Are you having trouble letting go?

Have you been told by friends, colleagues, family or anyone that you have confiding in with your problem to "Just let it go"? A common response from others that have no idea what you are emotionally going through or perhaps have been there listening to the same topic of conversation from you for weeks, months or even years on end and have no more advice to give.

How to let someone down gently: with honesty!

Wish you could love your admirer the way they love you but you can't? Finding it hard to express to the person that you don't want a romantic relationship with them or only see them as a friend? Have you decided that you are not interested in someone but don't know what to tell them?

Are you dating a loser?Or have my friends got it all wrong? - Love Directors

Does a + 1 on an invitation send you into a panic? Are you involved with a lover that others may not find suitable or dislike? Do you have a partner that others consider to be unsuitable for you?

Why did she dump me? - Love Directors

Why did she dump me? It's not the reason you think guys. Did she want someone better looking, or more successful, or smarter, or richer, or did my friends/family turn her off???? In most cases none of the reasons above are the actual reasons. A woman is always thinking, and analysing.

Where did you meet? 75 couples surveyed! - Love Directors

Where did you meet your current squeeze? Singles are always curious about where to find some love so to help out, the team at Love Directors surveyed 75 couples to gather the latest hot spots to meet a lover. So what do you think is the most popular way?

Why we love a Mr Dependable! - Love Directors

Whether you marry one or commit to one, every woman should spend some time in her relationship life with a Mr Dependable. And here are the top 20 reasons why: He will organise special dates focused on your interests - one Mr Dependable organised an entire 'space day' for his girl as she was fascinated by everything to do with the universe.

Signs you're wasting your time

Have you just started dating someone new and you're feeling unsure about where it's going? Is it too early to have 'The Talk'? Have a read through this checklist and if your relationship features here then yup you're wasting your time!

Involved with a workaholic?

Are you married to or involved with a workaholic? Are you interested in, married to, or dating a workaholic? Do you wake up realising that your partner has not even been to bed yet and that you find yourself lying next to the family dog licking your face whilst hearing your partner typing away in the other room on their work laptop?

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