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Astrology Angels guide to love

Astrology Angel provides an in depth insight of love across the zodiac for each star sign to enjoy.

Loving an Aries!

Aries have been branded as the leaders of the zodiac, the ones who jump in head first and are the first to become disinterested but what makes their hearts beat and what entices them to being incredible partners?

Loving a Gemini

Gemini, the twins, is an intriguing star sign that can show a large variation in characteristics - you get double the joy or double the trouble!All Gemini's, in my experience, are great conversationalists and this is how you win one over.Gemini's are attracted to the person who touches their heart and mind in friendship and in love and are looking for that person that intellectually stimulates, supports and understands them.

Love with a Cancerian

Tough on the outside yet soft on the inside! Cancerians have the ability to have a deep understanding of others through their ability to take in their surroundings just by watching, listening and researching others behavioural traits and actions. Want to know about the mystery that lies behind the shell of these tough yet sensitive souls?

Loving Leo! - Love Directors

The beautiful and handsome Leos or the quiet but polite wonders of the Zodiac! Could you seriously resist not loving a Leo? In most cases it is hard not to love them for they either take your breath away or simply treat you so well that you would be a fool not to love them.

LOVE WITH A VIRGO - Love Directors

How do you win the heart of the immaculately presented Virgos out there? Take the time to court them properly and have something about you worthy of attracting the attention of this process driven character. Look into their eyes and you will see why they have such incredible features.

Loving Libra! - Love Directors

Librans are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac and in most cases live for love. They are the ambassador of love and everything about it, they love talking about it, they love knowing others have it and they love knowing people are cared for and adored the way they adore their partners should you be fortunate to be with one of these strong yet soft hearted characters.

Love with a Scorpio - Love Directors

Scorpios are considered to be one of the the best lovers of the zodiac! No one can comprehend how deep these strong characters are and when they are in love their partner will become their whole entire world.

Love with a Sagittarius - Love Directors

Sagittarius the most adventurous, up front and honest of the entire zodiac. If you want to know what it is like to be loved by a Sagittarius then stand in front of an archery board and allow them to shoot cupids bow right through your heart.

Love with Capricorns! - Love Directors

The wise, the stable, the planners, the ambitious and the straight forward, how does one get to delve deep inside the minds of these special characters and know their wants and needs? Simple you ask them for they have it all figured out before you have even sat down on the first date with them.

How to love an Aquarian - Love Directors

It is a known common statement to make when implying that most people are both individual and there is more to them than meets the eye. This statement appears true in many cases for both female and Male Aquarians!

Love with Taurus - Love Directors

Love with a Taurean! The headstrong and heartfelt Taureans. Understand how a Taurean thinks, acts and behaves and learn how they wish to be treated in love and you will have them running after your heart in the bullfighting ring of love.

Jyotish, Ank Jyotish Aur Vastu Shashtra by Rajat Nayar | Ep #2

Watch Jyotish, Ank Jyotish and Vastu Shashtra" Episode 2 by Rajat Nayar on Sanskar TV. Pt. Rajat Nayar is well known celebrity astrologer and palmist with whose blessings and guidance you can go an extra mile in your work and life. Follow this channel for all the updates by Pt. Rajat Nayar. For more details on Ank Jyotish by Rajat Nayar, check:

*Follow Pt. Rajat Nayar on *

Jyotish, Ank Jyotish and Vastu Shashtra Tips by Rajat Nayar #Ep1

Pt. Rajat Nayar on Sanskar TV explaining Jyotish, Ank Jyotish and Vastu Shastra tips and advice for your common problems. Pt. Rajat Nayar is one of the prestigious celebrity astrologer, numerologist, gemologist, palmist and vaastu expert. Follow the channel for regular updates and advice from Pt. Rajat Nayar. To know about Pt. Rajat Nayar in details, visit:


Rajat Nayar’s Expertise on Moles & Warts of the Body

Rajat Nayar’s Expertise on Moles & Warts of the Body

Rajat Nayar is additionally a selective master of #moles treatment, he has an aptitude on the importance of moles everywhere throughout the body. The investigation of moles is an antiquated craft of crystal gazing and is called "#Moleosophy"/ "Molescopy" This is a branch of soothsaying which characterizes the reason, centrality and concealed significance of vicinity of moles (dark, blue, dim cocoa, green, light chestnut, red moment spots) found by conception or become a while later on different parts of the body. The moles uncover our temperament, wellbeing, fate, they have an energy to tell about our present, future improvements in life, part of wellbeing related issues. They additionally uncover imperative & extremely mystery parts of our lives. The Science of Moles merits engendering for the advantage of humankind. One can turn away a hardship by being cautioned by the impacts of moles on one's body.


The History of Palmistry

The History of Palmistry

With a specific end goal to completely get a handle on what Rajat Nayar can offer you it is critical to make a stride back and analyze the historical backdrop of this antiquated order. Palmistry is an exploratory system for divination that started with societies on the Eurasian mainland, generally rehearsed by sages from China, through India and Tibet, to Persia, Israel, and Babylonia. The causes of the procedures used to translate the lines exhibit on human palms are covered in secret. In any case, one regularly acknowledged hypothesis distinguishes its establishes as present in the antiquated Hindu exploration of Jyotish, whose numerical standards are additionally the establishment of Rajat Nayar's restrictive prescient model.

Palmistry was a regarded practice. A palmist India prepared was an appreciated visitor at any regal court. Surely, Aristotle, the best logician of the western world, expressed that lines are built into the human hand for a reason, exuding from eminent impacts and man's singularity. His words roused Alexander the Great, a standout amongst the most splendid pioneers of the antiquated world, to utilize it as a device to pick up knowledge into his officers.

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