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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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7 Ways To Use The New Twitter Header


Boost Your Brand

Your Twitter header image is a great place to do some branding, share your brands colors or your message.

Keep the design clean, but bold to grab people’s attention.

Doing this will make it easier for you to expand your brand, plus make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you and know they have the right “you”.

Contest Announcement

Have a contest coming up?

Use your header image to first announce the upcoming contest. Throw in some dates and some details about what you are giving away to help you grab attention.

Once the contest launches flip the header image to show the details of how to enter and some images of things they will win.

If you have some big names sponsoring, this is a good place to add them in to give your contest even more “show” and credibility.

Promote Something

With this one I would be careful, the idea makes sense and I have seen some really nice headers promoting things like a book or ebook.But on the negative, having a BIG promotion be the first thing new potential followers see may be a quick way to lose followers.So do some testing with this idea.

What I have done instead of using the new Twitter header, is I am using the “pin a tweet” to promote My Free Twitter Guide, the pin to tweet is smaller and less in your face, but again, do some testing to see which works best for you.

But if you decide to try this, come with something clean, unique and bold. The size will get attention, but the design and message is what will get them to take action.

Launch A Product

This one works off of what I said above, but the difference is, you want to use this ONLY for a new launch announcement of a new book, product or service.

So it comes off more like an announcement and less about selling.

pssst between you and me, the announcement is still selling, just in a softer way

I would even flip this later after the product/book/service is launched and make it a big testimonial announcement showing off an image of your stuff with screen grab images of testimonials you received.

Still announcing and soft selling.

Share Your Social

Do you go to a lot of events?

If you do and you take a lot of pictures with some top people in your community, share them there.

This will show you have a normal side, shows you like to have fun, and it shows you connecting with the big hitters you look up too.Nice credibility builderYou can design it with the name of the event you went too, a collage of a few of your best pictures, even some of the silly ones, then add a nice message to go with it.Simple yet effective on a few levels.

Share Your Personal

This one is simple and fun, it’s is all about YOU.

Share things about you, things you enjoy doing, your family, your pet, anything that is personal to you.

Again make it easy for people to see you and see you are about more than “just” business.

This one is great because you can just have fun with it, but I will say this, like all social media, not EVERYTHING you do or like needs to be share or should be shared.

So keep your weirdo at home, the goal is to attract people not make them run the other way screaming. lol

Show Off Your Community

This one is all about your readers or customers.

Do you do a top commenter on your blog? If so, show them off in the header image.

An image of them smiling big, some branding colors and a nice message about them and you.Something like this…“Say Hello to This week’s Top Commenter on – Joe Jones – TY Joe, we appreciate all the support.”

See how it’s all about Joe, but you throw in a little something for you too… it’s a Win Win

You can do the same, with your customers, think of a way to spotlight someone new each week and throw it up in your new Twitter header.