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OUTREACH is a multi-stakeholder magazine on climate change and sustainable development published BY Stakeholder Forum during the 19th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP19), which took place in November 2013, in Warsaw, Poland

COP 19 Day 1: Framework for action

Jelena Kiselova, British Council climate champion, COP 18 and COP 19 delegate Climate change is characterised by a high degree of issue complexity and interest diversity. The reality of climate change is usually addressed within a challenging political context, characterised by an agenda that is mainly focussed on long term mitigation and financing issues.

COP 19 Day 2: Energy and climate change

Axel Michaelowa and Stephan Hoch, Perspectives Climate Change Burning fossil fuels generates the bulk of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the world's energy infrastructure needs to rapidly move towards low-carbon technologies in both industrialised and developing countries, if we are to keep global temperature change below 2°C and prevent the worst climate change impacts.

COP 19 Day 3: Disasters, security, loss and damage

Loss and damage: Why the world should be worried A new report from ActionAid, CARE and WWF, outlines three key challenges which need to be addressed to tackle loss and damage in developing countries. COP 19 must deliver progress in all of these areas.

COP 19 Day 4: Forests and agriculture

Reflections from COP 19, Wednesday 13th November COP 19 participants from the Youth News Agency, Italy, provide reflections on the third day of the conference, discussing issues of participation, deforestation, and decision-making.

COP 19 Day 5: Climate change and health

Reflections from COP 19, Thursday 14th November Rachael Purcell of IFMSA offers her reflections on the first week of COP so far, including on the topic of health and climate change, and authors from Italy's Youth News Agency describe how the concept of intergenerational equity was addressed on day four.

COP 19 Day 6: Climate and development

The inseparability of water and climate change Stockholm International Water Institute's Karin Lexén reminds us of the vital importance of understanding the inseparable links between cross-cutting water issues, climate change and sustainable development.

COP 19 Day 7: Gender and climate change

A multi-stakeholder magaizine on climate change and sustainable development

COP 19 Day 8: Private sector, innovation and climate change

Business: The need for a 'we can' and 'we must' approach Dr Tara Shine from the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice explains that through facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy, businesses provide can provide hope on climate for future generations.

COP 19 Day 9: Cities, urban governance and transport

A multi-stakeholder magaizine on climate change and sustainable development

COP 19 Day 10: Water and Oceans

Lessons from Australia's Great Artesian Basin Jeff Austin, friend of the Great Artesian Basin Co-ordinating Committee, reveals that careful management of water basins in arid regions is necessary to improve water supply and tackle climate change.

COP 19 Wrap-up edition

Negotiation myopia misses groundswell of climate action Brendan Guy from NRDC emphasises the need to focus on implementation and concrete action, and highlights the numerous climate initiatives already taking place on the sidelines of the negotiations.