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Marketplaces (ST2-16P)

Marketplaces depend on the ability to produce goods and supply services to meet the demands of consumers.

Food, a fact of life

Lesson ideas and resources which focuses on the key understandings of:
- food is produced all around the world
- food is processed on different levels to make it editable and safe.

Financial Literacy

This site is all about being good with money for lower, middle, and upper primary grades and according to Australian state (NSW). It provides budget information and teacher's resources including financial skills assessment.

Interactive ATM

This cash machine simulator does everything a real one will do. Be mindful that the currency in is GBP (British Pound) however ignoring the pound symbol and substituted with the dollar one should provide a similar experience. It provides instructions to follow at the top of the machine - especially when you run out of money.

How a quality skateboard is made

The YouTube clip shows how skateboards are made.

Making a football

YouTube video which describes and shows how a Wilson football is made.

Coloured Pencils

How are coloured pencils made? This YouTube clip will answer all your questions.




What is the manufacturing process for one of the world's favourite items of clothing. Watch this YouTube clip to find out how jeans are made.

Chocolate manufacturing

Lots of people love chocolate. This website takes us inside the process of making chocolate - from the original source through to the health benefits

Selling things

Splash, a resource of the ABC, fabricates selling chocolate in this interactive activity. Boost the Edgar Chocolate Company's sales, carry out a survey of people under 16 years of age and then choose ingredients for a new chocolate bar taking into account the results of the survey.
Get feedback, design a label for the new chocolate wrapper and make a promotional sign that will appeal to the target audience.

This site also provides similar activities for selling a soft drink, a new biscuit, a basketball clinic, and an emergency sea rescue that has a specific need.


Don't Buy It! Get media smart gives tips and tricks about advertising revealing the secrets of selling, explains what an add is, tricks that are used particularly when food is the subject of the advertisement


Help a robot manufacturer finish building some robots, then build an effective online catalogue that highlights the features of each robot.

Explore facts about the purpose of each robot, then choose the best parts to build it.

Create the online advertising catalogue, using a model text structure and images to help you. Build explanations about the features of each robot. Choose titles, words and appropriate images that suits your market.

How people make things

Take these virtual tours to examine how balls, guitars, crayons, sneakers, wagons, and fortune cookies are made.

Banana Split Game

To introduce the banana chain (what happens to
a banana before it reaches the consumer) and
to discuss the reality of ‘who gets what’
from the sale of bananas.

Consumer Stuff for Kids

The Victorian Government have put together this comprehensive set of lessons dealing with economics with two inquiry units.

The Trading Game

Students simulate the trading of goods between countries. Then they reflect on the challenges of trade between countries.

Goods and Services

The quick YouTube video provides a simple explanation for each of these terms with authentic examples to make understanding of these economic terms easy. Great to use for a note taking activity with young children

Fish Market

Buy and sell fish in trading markets in a range of Australian and New Zealand cities. Compare market prices, supply and demand. Get to know other traders to find the best deals and discover new markets. Find a rare fish. Maximise your profit and reputation as a smart trader. This learning object is the last in a series of two objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

Also known as ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’, the Queen Victoria Market has been active in Melbourne for more than a century. A historic landmark it’s an inner-city Market where you can shop for everything from Australian fruit and vegetables, and local and imported gourmet foods, to cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs.