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Updated by Dilip Kumar on Aug 15, 2014
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Blogging Blunders That Most Bloggers Make

A list of blogging blunders that most newbie bloggers do which results in the blog being abandoned in less than a month..

Not trying to or, Understanding Your Audience

The Biggest Blunder that a blogger can make is not understanding his audience. Your blog is focused on a specific niche?.. GREAT.. But do you really know what is bothering your audience.
This is probably the single most important point that can make or, break your blog..

Picking a Poor Niche

One of the most important aspects to research for, before even starting a blog is to research your niche. The success of a blog depends upon the niche that your blog is in. If your niche is something where there is no audience, you are sure to fail.

Inconsistency in Publishing

You have to be consistent with your publishing pattern. Your audience gets used to a schedule and will keep coming back to your blog on the exact schedules. If you have an inconsistent pattern of publishing, you are sure to lose some of your audience.

ZERO Engagement with your audience

Blogging is not a one way conversation. It is supposed to be a two way communication whereby you speak and your audience listens and then your audience speaks and you listen. While this happens it is also important that you let each other know that you are listening. This happens with responding to comments and engaging in the conversation.

Focusing on SEO instead of Content

The first thing that most bloggers start doing is to work on the search engine optimization aspect. And the worst part in this is that they just forget that their primary objective was to write engaging content for their audience.