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Knowing More About After School Activities

The Benefits of after school activities to our children.

Why Enroll Your Kids in After School Programs

Students spend three - quarters of their time outside the school. Some spend these hours doing sports, creating music or other fun educational activities. Unfortunately, not all kids are this active after school as some of them waste time doing nothing productive.

Keeping Your Child Safe: The Benefits of After-School Programs -

Do you know what your child is doing when the school bell rings at the end of the day? More than 14 million students leave school every afternoon and have nowhere to go, since they do not have access to affordable, after-school opportunities.

Children Now-Facts, Afterschool

Benefits of Afterschool to Academic Achievement and Attainment Students who attend afterschool programs regularly are likely to show improvements in academic achievement and are less likely to drop out of school. Art, music, theatre and dance contribute to student learning and achievement.

The Positive Effects of After School Programs in a Child's Life

Learning should never stop after school. Kids deserve to have time for fun and creative ways to keep themselves entertained and productive. Homework is waiting, but it won't be good for kids to start on it right after class. Experts say that giving kids interesting activities at home play a huge role in their lives.

4 Important Pointers for Parents on Choosing After School Activities

After school programs and activities can help kids discover new learning opportunities, be more confident in life and be more competitive as they grow up. In order for a kid to be successful on after school programs, the parents should be able to guide their children when choosing the right activity that match their kids...

Kids who exercise have better fat distribution

The obesity epidemic has been gaining more and more attention due to the escalating nature of this problem. Aside from physical problems associated with obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure there are emotional problems associated with obesity.

Life skills learned with after-school activities

Vicki Clinebell majored in journalism at the University of Colorado, and headed an advertising agency before beginning a long career in broadcasting, spanning production and copywriting to sales and management for an ABC affiliate statio... There are social, physical and psychological advantages for children who participate in after-school activities.

Secrets of successful after school programs: What research reveals

In the past ten years, participation in after school programs has grown steadily, accompanied by substantial increases in investment. In parallel, a decade of evaluation studies provide a basis on which to assess the educational potential of after school programs and identify promising practices.

Kids in After-School Programs Make Academic Gains

Learning After 3 P.M.: California students benefit from after-school programs.

Afterschool Activities Can Fuel Your Kids' Passions

Three pointers for helping your children find what makes them thrive It's important to raise kids who are caring people. But there's another aspect to caring: we also want our children to discover things they care about, meaning their unique interests and abilities.