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Most Unique Animals

Sphynx Cat - Meet The Strangest and Rare Breed of Hairless Cats

Sphynx cat is among the newer cat breeds and has a wrinkled and hairless wonder with pronounced cheekbones. They also have big eyes and ears. As per the Cat Fancier's Association, birth of this breed took place in 1966 at Canada.

6 Strange Breeds of Hairless Cats - The Featured Creature

Cats are typically fuzzy, soft little creatures that enjoy a good snuggle (once in a while, on their terms)! The cats below are still very cute and friendly, though they lack one of the characteristics common to most cats: fur. There are several breeds of cat that differ in the level of hairlessness they sport.

How Right Cat Care Helps To Bond With Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat care is a daily activity that requires you to spend a little bit of time each day sharing love and affection with each other. This gives your day a little bit of structure that can help you to stay calm and focused on making progress in all areas of your life.

The 15 Most Expensive Pets In The World

Why would anybody make a chart of the top most expensive pets available for the general public? Simply because over the years the human kind was seduced by the perspective of owing the most spectacular beings available to own.

10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Better start running as soon as you see any of these animals.Check out 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World... 10 - Poison Dart Frog Poison dart frogs are members of the Dendrobatidae family. They can have various beautiful colours like yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black.

10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

If there are the highest paid people around the world, there are also the most expensive animals - those that have been bought for millions and millions of dollars. If you are wondering what these creatures are and how expensive they are, take a look at this list of the top 10 most expensive animals in the world.

Here Are 20 Animals You Had No Idea Existed. Some Of These Will Haunt My Dreams Forever.

You probably haven't seen most of these animals before. In fact, most people haven't. One is only visible for two weeks out of the whole YEAR, but we're bringing them to you because they are so strange. They would look completely at home in any Tim Burton movie, but these creatures are totally real.

The Most Beautiful Fish In The World

Fish are beautiful creatures that have the most amazing colors and markings. The fine folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing create wonderful aquariums and tanks to house these stunning animals. To se...

Top 10 Weirdest Looking Fish Ever Caught - World Fishing Network

Blobfish - check out below for more info! NOAA Beautiful, ugly, weird-looking - it's all in the eye of the beholder when it comes to fish. One person may look at a largemouth bass and see nothing strange about it, but someone from across the planet would marvel at its unbalanced huge mouth-to-body-size ratio or odd colorings.

50 Unusual Facts About Tigers - Listverse

Animal Planet recently voted the impressively powerful tiger to be the world's favourite animal. Yet a great deal of what we know about tigers is coloured by common misconceptions or confusion with other large cats. Tigers are the most varied cat on earth, and have many unique features and interesting compulsions.

Hope for world's rarest monkeys as 20-strong colony uncovered in Vietnam

A new population of one of the world's rarest monkeys has been uncovered in Vietnam. The Tonkin snub-nosed monkey - so-called because of its bizarre-looking nose - was believed extinct in the 1980s and just around 200 are thought to be left in the world.

21 Awesome Dog Breeds You've Never Heard Of And Need To Know About Immediately

You don't see these guys at the dog park every day. ..

A roaring success, the world's first white ligers: Four brothers are rarest big cats on the planet

Yeti, Odlin, Sampson and Apolo are the world's most unique big cats First 'liger' cubs to be born from white male lion and white female tiger At six weeks old, they already weigh 15lbs and gain a pound a day By Lucy Osborne These adorable cubs may look cute and unassuming but they are in fact the rarest of their species - and could grow to be the biggest cats in the world.