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Updated by Veronica May on Aug 13, 2014
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10 Tools Students Can't Live without while Studying

It is easy to become reliant on online tools and services, and if you are a student then why not? Is it so bad that students use a wide range of online tools? This is the future isn’t it? The movie “Back to the Future” promised flying cars by the year 2015, so is it so bad that there are tools (online and offline) that students cannot live without? Here are ten of the top rated tools that students simply cannot live without.

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New paper editing and proofreading service? Yes, students love them and they consider this service to be a close second when it comes to paper correcting. Many students do not consider proofreading to be cheating. They think of it in the terms that they built the car and the proofreading service is just shining up the paintwork.




This is a tool that will genuinely help students read faster, and even though it feels like it is a trick it is actually based on logic. As a warning, this is a free tool but do not try their other paid tools. They try to use NLP in all their paid-tool adverts and it is pathetic, manipulative and a sign they do not have your best interests at heart. The free speed reading tool is pretty good though.

4 | create and share visual ideas online | create and share visual ideas online

Most students like this because it helps them create Infographics that they plonk into their essays and projects. They “plonk” them in because it is often considered an extra-credit task (i.e. going the extra mile). The tool is also handy for creating visually pleasing displays and images so that a student may expand on a concept in a more visual fashion. It seems a bit nuts that such a tool would rank so highly, but students around the country seem to love it.


Create infographics & online charts |

Create infographics & online charts |

This is a tool that is very similar to the one mentioned above, which is why it too is also ranked amongst the top ten tools that students cannot live without. It creates content that goes perfectly into Infographics, which also means it is ideal for other presentation projects. Students enjoy these types of tools because they turn presentation projects from a week’s worth of work to a weekend’s worth of work.