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Most Popular Smartwatches on Social media - Report 2014

Technology nowadays is moving along at a furious pace. Developers compete with each other by implementing more and more innovative solutions which make our lif...

Welcome to Vanchester! New United boss welcomed with billboard

The poster in the city centre parodies City's famous stunt welcoming Carlos Tevez after the former United striker defected to the Blues in 2009 A huge 'Welcome to Vanchester' billboard has been put up in the city centre - to greet United's new manager Louis van Gaal.

Admiralette - WIELKA PREMIERA mojej pierwszej książki!!!

Menu Wielkiej Premiery: Dzień 1 - super oferty | Dzień 2 | Dzień 3 | Dzień 4 | Dzień 5 | Dzień 6 | Dzień 7 Aaa! Nie mogę uwierzyć, że wreszcie piszę publicznie te słowa! Na przestrzeni minionych miesięcy napisałem moją pierwszą wartą publicznej uwagi książkę i WŁAŚNIE TRAFIŁA NA RYNEK!

BuzzFeed Raises $50 Million From Andreessen Horowitz

Not too many years ago, announcing major news on a Sunday evening in the middle of August would seem crazy. If it was news you wanted anyone to read, anyway. News dropped tonight - a Sunday evening in the middle of August - that BuzzFeed raised $50 million dollars from Andreessen Horowitz.

T-Mobile has a new app that lets you unlock your phone with a tap

The US government now officially approves cell phone unlocking, and hopefully that means it soon won't be such a headache to unshackle your phone. T-Mobile looks to be doing its part with a new app that will let you unlock your phone - no lengthy customer support call required.

U.S. Soccer Legend Landon Donovan Announces Retirement via Facebook Post - AllFacebook

Los Angeles Galaxy and Team USA soccer legend Landon Donovan used a Facebook post Thursday to announce his retirement at the conclusion of the Major League Soccer season. Donovan, who was left off the U.S.

Facebook Bans Incentivizing Users to Like Pages

In addition to releasing Graph API version 2.1 today, Facebook also announced two important changes to its Platform Policies under games and proper use. Developers have 90 days (until November 5, 2014) to comply with the new rules.

No, Wikipedia Doesn't Think A Monkey Owns The Copyright On This Selfie
  1. A monkey took this selfie in Indonesia in 2011. The crested black macaque managed to take the picture after playing around with British photographer David Slater's equipment. 2. The monkey selfie is currently the centre of a copyright row between Wikipedia and Slater - supposedly on the grounds that Wikipedia thinks the monkey owns the copyright to the photo.
Koniec z puszczaniem muzyki jako podkładu podczas streamu w Twitch?

larkson gry anime bluzgi 4 Zakon Assassin's Creed Wszystko o uniwersum gry Dragon Age Przystań Szarego Strażnika FIFA Polonia Twój portal FIFA! Wszystko o Grand Theft Auto V Hitman HIDEOUT Kompendium wiedzy o Hitmanie W jakiej grze chciałbyś zagrać Herculesem i dlaczego? Zakończony. SilentiumPC - zaskocz nas swoim pomysłem na walkę z upałem!

Tumblr blocks Bloglovin, fashion's number-one RSS reader with 25M users

Bloglovin, possibly the only RSS reader to win over the fashion and beauty industry, received some bad news last week: a strict block from Yahoo's Tumblr that prevents all Bloglovin users from accessing Tumblr blogs via the site.

Psy szukają sieci Wi-Fi, a Ty skomponuj zwrotkę piosenki. Oto najlepsze kampanie na wakacje

O tym, jakie argumenty przekonują turystów w kwestii dostępu do internetu na wakacjach oraz jak wypromować festiwal muzyczny pisze Krzysztof Cieślak, prezes agencji B-MIND. Dostęp do internetu w dobie coraz niższych opłat nie jest już problemem, jednak za granicą koszt jest nadal dość wysoki.

You can now order a pizza from your phone by pressing a single button

Everybody loves pizza. That's why it's served at every 10-year-old's party, every college club meeting, and every office shindig. Everybody hates ordering pizza, though. The pizza place almost always gets your name wrong, screws up your toppings, or delivers it to your neighbor.

Geeks Gone Social: Comic-Con 2014

In an age where technology has finally caught up with our fantasies, Hollywood seems to have found its golden goose. Comic book-based movies and series have been popping out from every direction, reeling in millions of fans and billions of dollars across the globe.

William Shatner Tweets At NASA, Gets Awesome Response

For whatever reason, actor William Shatner, most famous for his role as Capt. Kirk on "Star Trek" was up for some conversation with NASA on Saturday, and the space agency actually responded. Awesomely I might add. Whoever is running social media over there at NASA needs a raise.

A company is marketing gun silencers by blowing drones out of the sky

Poor Johnny Dronehunter. All this gun-toting, freedom-loving American wanted to do was cruise on down the Utah highway and listen to some rock 'n' roll at sunset. You know - America things. Then a bunch of sinister, privacy-destroying drones all but run him off the road - and that's when Johnny earns his surname.

Orlando Bloom Now Slightly More Famous After Fight With Justin Bieber

Finally, an Orlando Bloom plot line everyone can get behind. Bloom allegedly tried, and failed, to punch Justin Bieber outside Cipriani Restaurant in Ibiza, Spain on Wednesday, TMZ reports. The fight began when Bieber yelled "What's up, bitch?" at Bloom, who then confronted the 20-year-old pop star.

Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives

Pinterest has acquired Icebergs, a " Pinterest for creative types," which offered an online collaboration service that allowed users to organize their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others.

Polska aplikacja Brainly pobrana już 1,8 mln razy! : Brief

Brainly to aplikacja, która umożliwia dostęp do społeczności milionów najzdolniejszych uczniów na całym świecie. Wystarczy uruchomić aplikację i dodać pytanie, by w ciągu kilku minut otrzymać pomoc od innego ucznia. Brainly wciela w życie ideę społecznościowego uczenia się (crowd learning) w wydaniu mobilnym. Krakowski startup Brainly to przykład polskiej firmy z prawdziwie eksportowym produktem.

Facebook's App Brings Free Mobile Internet to Zambia

The Facebook-backed nonprofit is bringing free data to parts of Zambia in Southern Africa as a part of a major initiative to connect the Internet with the two-thirds of the world's population who aren't online. is rolling out an app that provides free basic web services to Airtel subscribers in Zambia.

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