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Ultimate Guide in Buying Emergency Generators

Generators provide power without needing to tie into the grid and obtain power from the electric company.

Choosing Either Standby or Portable Generators For Residential Use

During a blackout, residential generator keeps essential electrical appliances in your house running in spite of the loss of electricity. Electricity may not be a primary need for human existence, but it is necessary for human comfort. Owning a residential generator is vital if you want to secure your house from a power shortage.

How to Purchase a Standby Generator

Purchasing a standby generator is one of the best home improvement options you can choose to make. It sets your house apart from others in the area, it creates a sense of safety to your home, and it increases your home's value. But how do...

HowStuffWorks "How Emergency Power Systems Work"

A wide variety of natural disasters can cause long-term power outages. Things like tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, lightning, ice storms and blizzards can take out the power for hours or days at a time. Even something as simple as a blown transformer or a car running into a utility pole can knock out the electricity in an entire neighborhood for a day or two.

Emergency Preparedness: Get A Backup Generator for When Disaster Strikes

While it may not be a pleasant thought, emergency preparedness is undoubtedly important. Having a backup generator for power outages, whether for a long or short period of time, is one of the major must-haves for thorough emergency planning.

How Do Generators Work? | eHow

How Do Generators Work?. A spinning copper coil located between two magnets can create a steady flow of electrons. Forcing these electrons or electric charges to move through an external circuit that connects to anything that needs power produces the energy to make it work.


Generators and Their Importance Date Updated : 5/25/2012 7:29:47 AM We are living in a modern society where almost everything is run by electricity. Home and business alike rely on this powerful energy to be able to perform tasks. There are automated electrical machines that when a power outage occurs would disrupt their work and would cause financial loss.

Generators - An Excellent Alternative Power Source

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How to Buy the Right Backup Generator for Your Disaster & Budget

The best backup power-system for you is defined by how much interaction you want with the system and by how much you're willing to spend.