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What to Know Before Removing Termites to Your Home

There are many things to consider before going to your walls and apply some chemicals to kill termites. There are different kinds of termites and there are ways to eliminate them.

How to Treat Termites

Termites can be a real problem if they have gotten out of hand and the problem usually isn't noticeable until it is out of hand. What do you do, kill them or let them eatyour house? Hopefully you chose that first option. Reading this article will help you treatthose little wood eaters.

Do it Yourself Drywood Termite Control | eHow

Drywood termites are different from the more familiar damp wood termites. Unlike the damp wood termites, which live in moist soil conditions and need a connection to the soil, drywood termites need very little water, do not live in the soil and can live in harsh climates.

How to Identify a Termite Infestation

Termite infestations can cause major damage to buildings and furniture. Most termite infestations are well established before outward signs become visible, but becoming familiar with termite infestation signs may help you identify an...

What Are the Different Methods of Termite Control?

Keep in mind that pretreatment doesn't last forever. If you have an older house that was pretreated for termites before it was built, there is a good chance that home is at risk for termites. Can things be done to rebuild that pretreatment? In some cases they certainly can.

Termites Require Vigilance if Not Spray

Q: We recently had a pest-control company check our home for termites, spiders, mice and so on. The inspector told us he found termites in the crawl space, but when my husband asked the inspector to show him, he said the carpenter ants had eaten the one he found.

Treating Termite Before Construction

Bruce Turner?E+/Getty Images Treating Termite Before Construction Treating termite before construction can help you defend against possible claims in the future. Construction specification for several projects demands the protection for termite in their finishing's and several others request termite free environment.

How to Repair Problems That Lurk Behind Your Walls

Featured Products in This Gallery Janet Allinger Termites The saying goes that there are three types of homes: those that have had termites, those that have termites and those that will have termites. When you discover them, you don't need to panic, but you do need to act.

Termite Control and Baits, Baiting Stations and Systems - Easytermitecontrol

Termite management or termite control or termite treatment is a constantly evolving study. Current management practices and systems are now rated on their ability to aggregate termites (in time and number) and in particular those practices which cause colony elimination.