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Updated by Sanjay on Aug 08, 2014
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30+ Best LCD TV Stand Designs for 2014

These designs are coming from top interior designers around the globe and they share it on, so other people will appreciate their work. We collected the best designs that we think you will like. Enjoy!

30+ Best LCD TV Stand Designs for 2014 - Universal TV Stand

If you're looking to redesign your living room and wanted to change your TV stand, it's best to find some inspiration for a new design for your stand. While you can ask a interior designer about it, you can check out what's the current trend online.

15+ Wall Mount TV Designs For Decorating Ideas - Universal TV Stand

In case you're wondering on how to save some space in your room, you can try putting your TV on the wall. The wiring and setting the TV in the room will be more easy access and space saver! Most condo-type houses uses this technique to spare a few space and it makes your house cleaner and more modern looking.

10+ Collection of Best TV Stands Designs - Universal TV Stand

We all love great living room design, especially if we have a personalized TV stands that we designed ourselves. Building your own cheap tv stands is easy and less expensive, the only problem is finding and inspiration for tv stands designs.

TV Stands: 7 Best Selling TV Stands in 2014 - Universal TV Stand

If you're planning to get a new flat screen TV for your living room, you have to think ahead where will you put it on. It is the center of the room and it needs a prominent position, you already have two choices to where would you put it, either a wall or a TV stand.

30+ Pallet DIY TV Stand Ideas - Universal TV Stand

Looking for the cheapest way to build a universal TV stand for your television set? If you're like me, I don't want to spend much on a home furniture if I can do it myself. Today, we will list down the best DIY TV stand ideas that other people have accomplished.

10+ Collection of DIY Cheap TV Stands - Universal TV Stand

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to start a DIY project, but can't find the right inspiration? All of us wanted to create our "own" design, whether a cabinet, chair or a door. Today, we collected different DIY projects regarding cheap TV stands.