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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 11, 2016
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7 SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making

There are many tricks of the trade that can make it difficult to know if you’re doing SEO the right way. Things like content, links and even the layout and setup of a site can greatly affect numbers and rankings either positively or negatively. To capitalize on SEO, make sure to avoid doing these things.

Bad Links

Websites with bad links won’t make it very far on Google rankings. Search engine algorithms exist to find sites with good links and raise their rankings. Search engines will lowering the rankings of sites with broken or outdated links.


Site Setup

Site Setup

The layout and design of a site can make all the difference in SEO. If a site is too difficult to navigate through quickly, parents looking for daycares in Utah will quickly move on to the next, easier and better site.


Repeating content is a big no. Even it’s been a few weeks or months since something was posted, reposting it again means search engines will notice and it will hinder rankings rather than help them.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO exists so that Google and other search engines can tell what is on a site. Forgetting about on-page content, URLs, title tags and meta descriptions can really hurt your numbers.


No site should ever contain copied materials. One business in Florida with a product similar to one in Utah still needs to create content rather than just copy it. Google searches for copied material and will decrease rankings for sites that copy.

Poor Content

The better the content, the better the rankings. If a piece is poorly written or contains information that is completely irrelevant, it won’t do rankings any good. Keep content fresh, exciting and up-to-date in order to keep rankings at a high.

Keyword Stuffing

Writing Utah 15 times in a 400-word article won’t help with rankings in the slightest. Nor will it make anyone want to read the piece either. Google and other search engine algorithms pick up on keyword stuffing, so make sure to avoid it. Find the right balance and use the right keywords the right amount of times in order to keep rankings elevated.




Rachel Wood writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah.

  • Modern marketing is pure chaos. Consumers are revolting against stagnate companies and abandoning traditional media in droves. Only those who adapt will succeed. The revolution is in full-swing.
    Consumers are dictating how they want to do business and it’s not the way you’ve probably done business before. It might not even be the way you want to do business in the future. But, digging in your heels and refusing to adapt and change will make your brand irrelevant to the new digital consumer. You may survive, but only for a while.
    Today’s businesses and organizations are at a tipping point. Will you adapt to change and succeed?
    We’re here to help. We are Fusion 360. We are the Agency for the Digital Revolution.

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