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Black Market Brewing Company

Discover the latest craft beers offered and brewed by Black Market Brewing Compnay in Temecula, CA.

Black Market Brewing | 5th Anniversary

Kentucky Common is said to be one of two beer styles indigenous to the United States. Brewed in Louisville from the 1850’s until prohibition, Kentucky common was a dark colored ale made with barley, corn, and rye using a soured mash. Essentially, it was a bourbon mash, converted into a beer recipe. This is truly a unique style that has both refreshing slightly sour qualities with a nicely layered malt backbone. At Black Market, we have produced our take on this lost style and are proud to offer it as our 5th Anniversary Ale.
ABV 4.8% - IBU 11

Black Market Brewing | 1945

Berliner Weisse is a very pale, sour, refreshing, low-alcohol wheat ale, and regional specialty of Berlin. Berliner Weisse was referred to by Napoleon's troops in 1809 as "the Champagne of the North" due to its lively and elegant character. Enjoy the tart, refreshing flavor by itself, or try a more traditional German approach by mixing a shot of raspberry, woodruff, or other flavored syrup.
ABV 3.8% - IBU 6.2

Black Market Brewing | Aftermath

When we first introduced “Aftermath” in our tasting room, we were looking to produce a drinkable Pale Ale that wasn’t just a reproduction of everyone else’s Pale Ale. We succeeded in creating ours with a unique blend of 5 hop varieties to produce a pale with HUGE hop aroma and flavor, without the bitterness of an IPA.
ABV 5.8% - IBU 44

Black Market Brewing | Hefeweizen

A refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer that showcases the unique, but subtle, fruit and spice character from the classical southern German yeast strain we use. In the spirit of the German purity law, this beer is brewed using only malt, hops, yeast and water. Please enjoy this beer WITHOUT a fruit garnish, as it is brewed specifically to rely its own beautiful balance of flavors.
ABV 5.0% - IBU 8

Black Market Brewing | Invasion

Invasion is our “West Coast” style Imperial Red that is a balance of malty goodness with big hop bitterness and aroma. Together, the malt and hops balance to make an exceptionally tasty and irresistible craft ale.
ABV 9.9% - IBU 75

Black Market Brewing | Liberation

Liberation IPA Is an Imperial IPA, which means that we took the malt and hop character of a regular IPA and kicked everything up a few notches. Liberation is a malt and hop powerhouse that drinks smooth and hides its strength. Drink this one fresh to preserve all the hoppy goodness.
ABV 9.5% - IBU 100

Black Market Brewing | Quadrophenia

As its namesake suggests, Quadrophenia is a Belgian style quadruple ale. We ferment Quadrophenia using Trappist ale yeast, which produces the spicy, phenolic flavors sometimes mistaken for added spices. The unique characteristics of caramel don’t come from the Pale and Munich malts, but from the introduction of Coconut Palm Sugar used in the brewing process.
ABV 11% - IBU 29

Black Market Brewing | Revolution

Revolution oatmeal stout is Black Market’s response to the many requests we have had for a great tasting, yet not simply ordinary, stout. We use just enough oats to give the chocolate and roasted malts a silky - smooth finish, yet we generously hop Revolution to keep it from being boring and mundane. Revolution is a smooth drinking stout that is worthy of your decision to have just one more.
ABV 6.7% - IBU 36

Black Market Brewing | Rye IPA

A golden/amber beer that showcases bold American hops with the extra flavor dimension of the use of rye malt as 20% of the malt bill. This is a shockingly balanced IPA, in the sense that we include just enough malt character to counter the otherwise intense bitterness typically found in an American IPA, making for an immensely pleasant experience for your palate.
ABV 7.5% - IBU 35

Black Market Brewing | Shakedown

A brown beer that balances the influences of English malt and yeast and American hops. Notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel play nicely with a healthy dose of citrusy hops, making for a noteworthy twist on the traditional concept of a Brown Ale.
ABV 5.5% - IBU 40

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