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Updated by Nick Kellet on Mar 30, 2017
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7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing

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WordPress SEO

Google Search is the largest traffic source for most bloggers. WordPress SEO helps you optimize your content to perform better in search results.Apart from the usual SEO features, it comes with a page analysis tool which is a great way to optimize content not just for search engines but for actual users as well.As a site optimization tool, WordPress SEO is packed with great features like XML sitemaps, Twitter Cards, Open Graph meta data integration, Google authorship, webmaster tools integration, etc.

Flare - Floating Social Bar

Speed is an important metric search engines use to rank your website. Many social media plugins load too many scripts which can significantly slow down your site. Floating Social Bar solves this problem by showing a fake button with real count until a user takes the mouse to the social bar for sharing.It also sticks to the top of the screen as a user scrolls down to maximize your social shares.Other alternatives to Floating Social Bar are Flare and DigDigg.

7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing | SEJ

In this article, Syed Balkhi will share seven great WordPress plugins for your content marketing endeavor.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow is the best WordPress plugin to manage editorial workflow. If you are planning your content marketing strategy, then having an organized editorial calendar is crucial.Edit Flow allows you to assign custom post status, leave editorial notes on posts in progress, manage your editorial calendar, and more.Even if you are the only author on your WordPress site, you can still use Edit Flow to improve your own workflow.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

When a user is finished reading your article, showing related articles can help reduce bounce rate and improve conversion.YARPP is one of the many free related posts plugins for WordPress. Some other good related posts plugins are nRelate and Outbrain which is what many popular sites use including Search Engine Journal, CNN, and ESPN.


LinkPatrol is a signature plugin by the team at Search Engine Journal. It helps you find, fix, and get control of the links on your site.When writing, it’s helpful to link to useful resources to back up your arguments and improve user experience. However, overtime some of those sites might not be of the same quality.LinkPatrol allows you to monitor your links, so you don’t ruin your site’s SEO by linking to spammy sites.

W3 Total Cache

As I said earlier, speed is a big factor in search rankings. Using caching plugins you can significantly improve your site’s page load times. W3 Total Cache is the best caching plugin for WordPress.Just install the plugin and enable page cache.If you want to further boost site speed, then you can use a CDN service like MaxCDN which works really well with W3 Total Cache plugin.


Often the goal of content marketing is to get leads and improve conversion. OptinMonster is the most effective way to grow your email subscribers. OptinMonster allows you to create highly effective opt in forms such as exit-intent lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and more. The page-level targeting allows you to build highly segmented email list of customers.Sites like Search Engine Journal and others are using it to increase their subscriber growth by 200% – 800%.

Cache Plugin for WordPress - WP Rocket

Just a killer! Yet a fan of W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket is beyond comparison and widely convinced me. It helps boost the performance of its site without effort and improve the user experience. Furthermore, support is effective and responsive! Gwenaël from