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STEM Videos

Welcome to STEMbite

We're totally surrounded by math and science - it's everywhere we look. The trick is knowing how to see it. Join Andrew Vanden Heuvel as we discover just how extraordinary the ordinary can be.

STEMbite: The Science of Sand Dunes

Andrew climbs a sand dune (and runs back down) while considering exactly what makes dunes so steep.

STEMbite: How Parents Help Offspring Survive

Penny won't fall asleep and Andrew has to help her out - just like mommy and daddy animals in the wild must help their children by providing comfort, food, and safety. Next Generation Science Standard: 1-LS1-2: Read texts and use media to determine patterns in behavior of parents and offspring that help offspring survive.

Frames of Reference

While riding on a train, we explore how the laws of physics are the same regardless of your frame of reference.

STEMbite: Exponential Growth

We consider a classic math problem while filling up the piggy bank.

STEMbite: Projectile Motion of Abby's Arrow

Abby Vanden Heuvel demonstrates the trajectory of projectile motion while shooting arrows in her backyard.

STEMbite: Why Speeding Doesn't Help

Andrew Vanden Heuvel uses his math skills to illustrate why speeding in your car really doesn't help as much as people think it would.

WHITE HOUSE STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL: Full S[T]EAM Ahead - How Technology Rocks the Classroom

Always wanted to see what SciTech Kids actually do in their classes. Well take a trip with Miles and Gabby as they show you How Technology Rocks The Classroom. It's Full S[T]EAM Ahead, as this video has been entered in the first-ever White House Student Film Festival.