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Facts About Scooters

Scooter is a small two wheeled ride with footboard on it. The idea is push yourself from the ground to make it running.

How to Choose a Longboard Surfboard

At their most basic level, Longboards are generally considered any board over 8 feet long and 20 inches wide with a rounded nose. However, there are a myriad of other factors and variables. More specifically, modern longboards come in sizes anywhere from 8 to 12 feet long (some are even longer).

About Kick Scooters | eHow

While kick scooters have been around in some form or another for more than a century, the latest craze of sleek silver fold-up kick scooters have introduced a new generation of kids to the convenience and fun that a scooter can deliver.

How to Ride a Scooter (Kids)

Edit Article Have you ever wanted to master the scooter. Well, you've come to the perfect place. If you've never ridden a scooter and want to start, this is the place to be. Get comfortable riding around on your scooter. You should know how to brake, turn and pedal.

What is the Difference between a Scooter and a Razor Scooter?

The first time I saw my granddaughter's Razor Scooter, I was amazed. It was so sturdy, streamlined, and easily maneuvered. She just loved whipping around on that scooter, making nifty little turns. I was glad to see that her parents insisted that she wear a helmet.

How the Scooter Was Invented

Razor Scooter Early patents for scooters have been filed as far back as 1921. Razor Scooter The Razor scooter is a foldable scooter invented by the J.D. Corporation, which also sells aluminum bicycle parts and electric scooters in Shanghai, Taiwan. The Razor Scooter took 5 years to design under Gino Tsai, the then 44 year-old Taiwanese president of J.D.

Scooter conversion from child's bike

I found a kids 16 inch bike in a dumpster, and thought it might make a good base for a adults sized scooter. It was pretty cheap to make with most of the cost in bolts and paint.

HowStuffWorks "Skateboarding History"

The skateboard's earliest ancestors were homemade, wooden scooters ridden by kids in the early 1900s. To make a scooter, all you needed was a two-by-four, some nails, a produce crate and some roller skates -- a far cry from the sleek aluminum scooters kids ride these days.

Apex Pro Bol Bars Scooter Handle Bars Lets Go Surf & Scoot!!!

Product Description The Apex Pro Bol Bars are typical of what Apex Pro stands for - high quality, pro-targeted products, with style and class, and MADE IN AUSTRALIA. The size of these bars are what appeals to most people...a massive 565mm wide (24″) and 575mm high (23″), the Apex Pro Bol bars are perfect if you love really wide bars.