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Weight Loss Tips - Health Tips, Fitness Tips.

Here is a list of weight loss tips and healthy foods you can eat to live a longer and better life.

Avocado Creamy Goodness - One Pound Less

The range of health benefits that Avocado has contrary to what many persons may think. It has weight loss benefits which many persons fail to understand.

Guava: Small but sure - One Pound Less - Healthy Foods

Guava is a “Super Fruit” it contains nutrients that helps to curb all kinds of illnesses. Its richness in fiber makes it a regulator.

Count Your Calories not Your Carbs

I realized that the important factor in losing weight is not your Carbohydrate intake but your Calorie intake .

11 Ways to Detox Daily

There are so many ways to rejuvenate your body and mind, from detox tea to weekend nature getaways, even the busiest of us can treat themselves from time to time.

Benefits of Coffee The New Age Wonder - One Pound Less

The benefits of coffee on the human body are very numerous and range from Weight loss benefits to preventing heart liver cirrhosis and much more.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda - Health

Diet Sodas have a lot of negative effects on the body and can cause a range of problems from Kidney problems to cancer, these are some of the reasons why you should stop drinking diet soda .

Fruit Energy Punch - One Pound Less - Health

Fruit Energy Punch - Here is an energy drink that has an instant effect and it is long lasting and filling at the same time.

Getting Active about Workout Fashion

Workout Fashion Those who say that you can’t be fashionable while working out are mistaken.

Corn: Prevents cancer, Healthy and Low in Calories

Corn is not just a summertime food but also a unique phytonutrient rich food, which provides the body with the necessary nutrients.

Fitness Mistakes You Can and Should Avoid

We would like to warn you about some mistakes that many people do and that can compromise your fitness regimen and to also tell you how you can avoid them.

Homemade Granola Bars and Clusters - Healthy Recipes

Homemade Granola Bars and clusters, Here is another recipe for a quick and energy filled and fulling snack.

Banana : The sweet Booster - One Pound Less

Banana: This fruit contains three natural sugars along with other important nutrients, proteins, and minerals. Banana is an excellent energy booster,

Mangoes-Promotes Weight Loss, Prevents Cancer & More

There are numerous varieties of this wonderful goodness of sweet, each having different contents. Mangoes are nutritious and naturally low in calories.

5 Healthy Ways to Eat Italian - One Pound Less

A good, hearty Italian dinner is something to be cherished. Too often though, simple mistakes and a lack of understanding can make any pasta, pizza or Italian dish seem under par.

Curried green pawpaw/papaya - One Pound Less

Curried green pawpaw/papaya

Dos and Don'ts of a Great Workout - One Pound Less

Some will say that every workout is a great workout and they will be correct to a point. Every workout is ten times better than not doing it.

Pineapples: Sweet, exotic and sensational - One Pound Less

Pineapples are very sweet and they have an exotic and sensational scent, they are unique in their contents being the only fruit to contains Bromelain.

Simple Healthy Potato Dish - One Pound Less

Potatoes are usually thought to be fattening but there are not, 100 grams of potato only contains approximately 77 calories.

Pawpaw/Papaya: Fruit of the angels - One Pound Less

Pawpaw/Papaya promotes weight loss through its high fiber contents. When this fruit is consumed, it abates hunger keeping you fuller for longer periods.

Melongene/Eggplant/Baigan: The purple crusader

Melongene/Eggplant/Baigan decreases the risk of obesity and we know that any fruit, plant or vegetable that pushes this button is excellent for weight loss.