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ASP.Net Web Development

ASP.Net Web Development - Reasons to adopt this platform for application development.docx

MediaFire is a simple to use free service for that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Use of CDN Support in Bundling - Tutorial MVC possesses great features such as bundling. With the help of minification and bundling, the user can lower the HTTP request numbers for web development by gathering style sheet files and individual scripts. He can also lessen the overall size of bundle via minified application content.

UI for AJAX - Faster development for all browsers and devices - exploreB2B

UI for AJAX controls helps you build apps in almost half time for all browsers and devices. It includes more than 80 performance optimized and versatile components are suitable for developing quality business projects.

All about new Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9 is Microsoft’s free Visual Studio add-on that enables a rich programming and debugging experience for working with the Unity gaming tools and platform.

How to Build blocks of application development in ASP.Net ?

Asp.Net is a web application development platform that is exceptionally designed for creating web pages. This Microsoft product is uniquely developed for .net programmers to let them create web sites, web applications and web services online.

Why developers are becoming preferable choices for all?

The .Net system is being installed on the computers to build languages support for programming. It makes the work of .net programmers (working in India) for developing applications much easier than before. The productivity of the projects enhances when the device has .Net configuration in it.

Why .NET developers are first choice for everyone?

With a specific objective to create web based applications, one is requires the support of India based .Net developers and programmers. They develop various applications based on client's requirements with zeal. The developed applications are then used by companies to gather data from the partners, clients and likewise the suppliers.

ASP NET Development Capitalizes On ASP NET Web Server Controls

ASP .NET was developed and marketed by Microsoft as a web applications framework that allows .net development to build web sites, web applications, and web services. ASP .NET uses CLR or common language run-time to allow in-house and outsource .net development to write ASP.NET codes using any supported net language.

Why India based .net application development service providing companies are a way better than others

The .Net app development platform is a significant method of developing internet based applications. The developers assist businesses in leveraging the software assets they possess and offer latest efficient software development services to clients. .net application development services offered by India based companies are considered to be reliable as compared to freelancers.

Theories explaining reasons that work as barriers to find .net developers

Google is already full of notes and articles about finding and recruiting .net developers for companies. In short, we don't want to waste your time by repeating the same points in this post. Aegis Soft tech professionals bring certain theories that explain few points that work as barriers while finding a reliable .net developer.

Soft Info Tech - Basic Advantages offered by development platform

Microsoft is a programming language that empowers developers to build most efficient dynamic websites and web based app solutions. Asp dot net platform offers impeccable features to development community and this is why it is turning out the most preferable programming language across the world.

Closing ongoing apps in Android would be a better idea for saving mobile battery

Android smartphone no doubt brings lots of entertaining apps for its users, but the battery issue is still there. You can't charge up the phone every time when you are out, but you can lower the power consumption of your mobile by closing your background apps in the Android handset.

Do you know how to update your Android smartphone? - softtech's blog

Android releases updates for its OS regularly for enhancing features, functionalities, bugs fixing and new features introduction. There is a process to update your android smartphone. You will receive a notification on your device for upgrading the system and it will ask you to back up the system to...

Add portability to your business through .Net consulting

Posted by Aegis Soft Tech on 08 Aug 2014 in the Advice section of Microsoft launched a revolutionary technology that has the capability to act as a common standard applicable worldwide.

Revolutionary Dot net services in computer networking world - Blogs - MyTechLogy

Revolutionary Dot net services in computer networking world Taking you to the past, Dot net (.Net) programming language was an initiative of Microsoft that was evolved in differently. Later, J2EE was introduced and both the initiatives were made for computer networking, i.e. web services.

Outsourcing Dot net services to offshore development companies | Soft Tech Informer

The inclining of open source technologies has given rise to more advanced technologies to bring competitive advantage over others. The Dot net services were initially started to manage dynamic webs...

Why offshore .net developers should learn PowerShell?

K Ethan Millar The concept of PowerShell was introduced 8 years back in 2006. There is some interesting logics related to the topic. Offshore .net developers are using this wonderful platform from years. Either you should use PowerShell in your project or not, it completely depends on requirements.

Ethan Millar's Blog - ASP .NET Development Capitalizes On .NET Web Server Controls

ASP .NET was developed and marketed by Microsoft as a web applications framework that allows .net development to build web sites, web applications, and web services. ASP .NET uses CLR or common language run-time to allow in-house and outsource .net development to write ASP.NET codes using any supported net language.

Tutorial with Screenshots - How to Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) in bundling

Here we are represent How to use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) support in ASP.Net web bundling tutorial with screenshots.

Asp.Net Development Native runtime Performance

The .net native runtime has been optimized for development and static compilation of code. The basic features of product are still the same that include automatic memory management, safety etc. more features have been added to improve overall functionality of your app. The main objective is ...

Can you really guess the scope of development services? @ Gripping Software Tech

If not, then let's scale it... Developers are deliberately adopting framework for creating dynamic web portals. Dot net services are extremely popular among the IT development community since the released date (2002). Millions of developers across the globe opted platform to provide development services to the clients.

How to Include MIME type messaging in .net application ?

Every time you deploy .net application to remote server, it usually asks for MIME types messaging for different files you have used. Everyday users send and receive multiple data files on internet. MIME is a technique that helps users in exchanging electronic mails.

How .Net Programming Improves In Last Few Years?

A .Net Web Development is a very highly and popular programming language from the Microsoft that continues top in IT industry. It’s a compared with multiple modules with development framework that’s creating Web Applications, windows based application as well as mobile applications.

What are Reasons to adopt platform for your next application development ?

It seems easy, but it is not! web app development requires special expertise and experienced programmers. There are few developers who find this platform a problematic one, but if you have hired any experienced developer who had already built some of the apps for you using this platform, then you must be aware of the features of this framework.

How to boost your business performance with custom ASP.Net development services ? is an open source framework empowers dot net developers to create robust web applications. Moreover, development services are being offered by most of the IT development companies to several businesses to help in managing online web content with easiness.