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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Fall River, MA–Created by Staff

Top Videos for Cruise Destination Fall River, MA– Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Boston Top 10 Attractions - Massachusetts Travel Guide

Take a tour of Top 10 Travel Attractions of Boston, Massachusetts - part of the World's Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats. Hi, this is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top ten attractions of Boston. Number ten, Copley Square. Many important buildings with diverse architecture styles are here.

Haunted Places In Massachusetts

A list of some of the most well known haunted locations in Massachusetts, USA. If you have visited any of these places and have some stories to share, or if you know of any other haunted places, feel free to leave a comment below.

Waltham, Massachusetts & Canton, MA - Scenic Places in US

These pictures was taken on 2006 summer time early morning in Waltham and afternoon in Canton, both cities located in Massachusetts. Also, the first photos set as taken in Brandeis College Campus, on Beaver street and Forest street corner.

haunted places in MA video I

now, i heard of this place when i was younger, but never was interested to go, for one it was to long of a haul on a bike, & two, i was to busy getting drunk lol, but i'm glad i waited till now, because for what i want to do it takes being sober to do it!

Haunted places in ma

I bring you to a place where a Man committed suicide rite on the front porch!! Looking in to the exact date to come here to see if he stills wonder this place! Keep looking for update video on this.

Haunted places in MA III

This apartment held a murder, in my personal oppinion, I think it had to do with a jealous rage! I don't think I would be able to ever check for ghost but I know there is a spirit roaming this place!!

Marlborough (MA) City Places to Visit

Marlborough is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. Watch out the amazing video compilation of Marlborough city places.

Haunted places in MA

Buildings that lights flash on & off ? We will find out!

Hammamat Ma'in Jordan Touristic Places

The hot springs and baths of Hammamat Ma'In have been enjoyed for therapeutic and leisure pursuits for thousands of years. The public springs and commercial resort area are located 35 kilometers southwest of Madaba, along a winding road which crosses some of the most spectacular territory around the Dead Sea.

Haunted places in ma...

Well I met another family that went to check this tunnel, did not have my camera on at the time & while we were talking of what I was doing another poping noise happen the people cut the conversation said back to church we