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Headline for Computer Aided Engineering Design and Analysis
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Computer Aided Engineering Design and Analysis

Hi-Tech CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) offers engineering solutions to cater to needs of consumers across various industries over the globe. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) & FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is the main products of

Reducing Aircraft Weight with Advanced Composite Materials

Aircrafts involve the use of complex and advanced engineering devices, making them bulky and excessive fuel consuming mobility machines. The challenges today in the aviation industry is to reduce as much weight as possible

Design Elements that Contribute to the Aerodynamics of a Car Body | CAE Services News

Even the smallest change in the shape, material and design of a car body affects its aerodynamics. If a car is aerodynamically designed keeping in mind the purpose of the automobile and environment in which it is going to be used, provides better visibility to the driver, helps the vehicle pick up good speed instantly & reduced fuel consumption.

How to Enhance Combustion Efficiency through Flue Gas Analysis and Air/Fuel Flow

This article is a study about flue gas oxygen and combustibles, and variable air - fuel pre-combustion flows to enhance combustion efficacy of industrial boilers, steam generators, furnaces, ovens, smelters, and process heaters using flue gas analysis.

The Future of Simulation-Driven Product Development - Desktop Engineering

The major industrial revolution is already here, as computers increasingly take charge of product development and manufacturing processes. Computer-aided simulation techniques have seen a remarkable growth over the past decade, and their global adoption has revamped the manufacturing industry.

Applying Computer Aided Engineering to Design Automotive Interiors

Automotive interiors are of great interest to design engineers as it remains the only factor whereby a comfort quality can be judged. Despite a vehicle integrated with latest technological gadgets and sophisticated performance systems, the likeliness of a person to opt for a particular model largely depends on the comfort characteristics.

Redefining Automotive Product Design

The automotive industry has been going through revolutionary phase with CAD and CAE advancement. Now, it has become quite easy for the Engineers to design and test all sorts of Automotive in a way like never before. To withstand the tough competition, it has been very well understood that Engineers need to apply CAD and CAE across wide range of automobile design.

Aerodynamic Flutter as an Important Factor in Turbomachinery Design

Flutter is an aero-elastic phenomenon which dictates structural dynamic instability occurring in any elastic structure, causing the structure to vibrate violently with increasing amplitude. This instability occurs due the interaction of elastic and inertial forces of the structure with that of the unstable aerodynamic forces caused due to oscillation of the structure.

Designing Products that Last Longer

The ability of a product to last for a longer period of time, right from its first use till its discarding, is what reflects the sustainability and integrity of the manufacturing organizations. To be a market leader, designing products that lasts is what the end consumer expects; and to achieve this, manufacturers must adopt cutting-edge technology and engineering knowledge at its paramount level.

Towards Sustainable Mobility And Innovation For The Automotive Industry

Nearly 30% of the total global warming emissions in US are produced by automobiles. 60% of which comes from cars and light trucks. With around three billion vehicles, estimated to be on road in a few years, it has become imperative to concentrate on reducing CO2 emission in automobiles and drafting sustainability solutions for the automotive industry.

CAE Driven Product Development: A Competitive Tool for SMEs

Computer Aided Engineering techniques have been in the engineering domain from past several decades, and has been tremendously improvised to eliminate the use of experimental validations. Research shows that all the best in class manufacturers utilize simulation in the design phase to develop better, faster and cheaper products. The reason for such an immense inclination of manufacturers towards adopting simulation tools in the design process is the ability to bring products in the market as much fast as possible.

Automatic Vs Manual Meshing: Which One is Right for You?
There’s always a debate on choosing the right meshing technique for FEA and CFD simulations. Since meshing is an important part in any simulation process, it is imperative to ensure that a proper meshing technique is adopted. This is essentially a concern for most analysts as the simulation results hugely rely on mesh quality.
Verifying Computer Simulations to Ensure Transparency and Reliability
Computer simulations are applied everywhere in engineering and it has placed a huge amount of burden on top level managers responsible for taking critical designs. Prior to the simulation era, making engineering decisions were simply based on few physical measurements, some handful of experimental data and engineering drawings.
Computer Aided Engineering: An Emerging Trend in Engineering Outsourcing
Engineering outsourcing has always attracted manufacturers as a cost-effective opportunity to leverage their capabilities and develop competitive products in the market.
Cutting Development Time for Pumps through Simulation Techniques

From simple household uses to high-end industrial applications, pumps remain a preliminary device make our lives easier. It’s nearly impossible develop many equipments and devices that rely on pressurized fluid streams without utilizing pumping systems. Because of its highly important role, it is evident to place a firm focus on its design for a particular application.

Outsourcing: A Profitable Decision for the Automotive Industry

The continuously growing demands from the developing regions of the globe and a pressing need to develop economical automobiles are keeping manufacturers busy in seeking a profitable position in the market. It has become mandatory now for manufacturers to look for cost-effective strategies to ensure a profitable business.

Identifying and Reducing Stresses in Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are part of common equipment utilized in plants to store liquids and gases under high pressure. It is certain that pressurized fluids will develop stresses in the vessel, which when exceeds failure limits, will lead to hazardous incidents and fatalities.

How Simulation Can Improve the Reliability of Consumer Electronics?

Early product failures turn very much costly for manufacturers, resulting in a substantial loss in revenue, value and customer’s trust towards the brand. It is however very much common for many products to fail prematurely, since engineers are consistently forced to improve the performance, reduce cost and improve the time to market. In a pursuit to achieve these requirements, the product quality get affected somewhere.

Necessitating the Use of Simulation Tools for New Product Testing and Development

New product in the market is often most crucial for manufacturers, especially in a cut-throat competitive scenario. According to a recent research study from Aberdeen Group, almost 37% of total revenues are generated from new products, making it extremely important to launch the products on time with the required quality to gain maximum profitability and acceptance rate from the customers.

The Future of Engineering Simulation Is in Cloud

Computer aided engineering has revolutionized product design process and has provided manufacturers the benefits of cost saving and bring products to the market faster. It is hard to imagine a product development process today that does not undergo a simulation test...

5 Signs You Should Invest in Simulation Tools for Product Development

Product testing is an inevitable part of the usual product development process taking place in any manufacturing organization. It is the pre-requisite for any product to make it marketable and usable for the consumers...

The Solution Life Assessment of Valve Component Subjected to Internal Pressure Loading

Process equipment manufacturer from India approached Hi-Tech to seek assistance in evaluating the design of their newly developed valve component subjected to internal pressure loading cycles using simulation techniques.

The Solution Design Optimization of Breaker Plate in Extrusion Machines

A leading extrusion machine manufacturer approached Hi-Tech to re-engineer the breaker plate, by increasing the number of holes of different sizes for a given design space. The customer also needed to analyze the optimized breaker plate design for stress distribution and subsequent deformation.

Structural Analysis of Trailer Skid

Canada’s leading trailer manufacturer approached Hi-Tech to evaluate two different trailer frame designs for structural integrity through finite element method.