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Best Nerf Rebelle Blasters

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Nerf Rebelle Wildshot

The Wildshot is coming this fall 2013 When Nerf introduces their new Rebelle line of blasters for girls this fall, definitely keep an eye out for the Sweet Revenge Kit. It features the Rebelle Wildshot, a powerful, one-handed blaster, and comes with a hip holster that can hold extra darts, a set of matching glasses, and six collectible darts.

Nerf Rebelle Femme Fire Mini

As one of the many models released under the Rebelle line, the Nerf Rebelle Femme Fire Mini offers people a unique take on the classic blaster design. It has been created to be a compact alternative to many others that are out on the market.

Nerf Rebelle Sneak Attacker

Watch out boys! There is a new Queen of the backyard battlefield. This princess of pain has a brand new arsenal of blasters that are both high performing and good looking. No longer confined to the boyish blocky blasters of yesterday, our heroine now commands respect with her prowess and exceptionally well styled blaster.

Nerf Rebelle Jolt

The Nerf Rebelle Jolt is a single fire pocket sized Nerf Gun released in 2014 for the Nerf Rebelle Series. The Rebelle series is a line of Nerf guns targeted to female Nerfers of all ages. With a pretty white, blue and pink color scheme and angel wing decals the Rebelle series is great for girls on the Nerf attack.

Nerf Rebelle HeartBreaker Bow

Yet to be released. Coming this fall 2013. With the success of movies like The Hunger Games and Brave, bows are cool for girls. And Nerf intends to capitalize on that with the new HeartBreaker Bow, coming to stores in fall 2013.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow will be sure to appeal to a whole new generation of many fans out there. This is because the bow will actually introduce some fairly realistic elements that many people will enjoy using.

Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush

Nerf's upcoming Rebelle series is the first ever blaster series aimed at girls. Consisting of four blasters and a collection of accessories, it is a rather small line in comparison to its contemporaries but nonetheless a great risk for Nerf. Its success or failure could very well determine the future of girl-oriented Nerf guns for years to come.

Nerf Rebelle Star Shot

If you like a dart gun with a little crossbow action, you can test your straight shooting skills with the all-new Nerf Rebelle Star Shot. This dart gun is the latest in the Nerf Rebelle series, which has overall produced good quality dart guns.

Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow

Crossbows aren't just for guys. The Nerf Rebelle Crossbow, a six-shooting crossbow from Nerf's upcoming Nerf Rebelle line, is a dangerous pink-and-purple weapon made especially for girls. With its curved lines and feminine design aesthetic, it's as deadly as it is beautiful, and thanks to its high-tech mobile app integration, it's already creating a buzz.