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Updated by Grace Rodriguez on Jul 30, 2014
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Start A Movement!

What are some ideas, concepts, themes, etc., that you'd like to spread? And what are some fun ways you can imagine to spread them?

FLASHMOB - "Thank You!"

Too many people have adopted the attitude of "it's not my job," shirking personal accountability and responsibility because a task is not documented somewhere in pixels or ink. They see the world as a zero-sum game, with their own benefit as more important than the community's and with any effort expended outside of their self-interest as a waste. They think "why should I?" instead of "why shouldn't I?" In a close-knit community, even just one person with that attitude is too many -- they can sour the entire group and prevent progress.

I'd like to start a movement to celebrate the people who refuse to be so short-sighted. Life is not a zero-sum game: Win-Win situations are abundant and achievable, if we seek and create them. And since we are all in this together, we all share the responsibility for making our world a better place to live/work/play in. To acknowledge the people who embrace that responsibility, I'd like to organize flashmobs that throw a party around a person who commits a random act of kindness, with a riff of "Thank You For Being A Friend" as the theme song. (Golden Girls is a guilty pleasure of mine. :-) )