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Leadership & Decision Intelligence

Decision making and leadership go hand-in-hand. Here are articles and publications that offer insights in this area.

Nassim Taleb Directory a.k.a Fat Tony's AntiLibrary @ Please Mishandle

The Nassim Taleb Online Collection Project is a directory of books, articles and videos by Nassim N. Taleb, author of The Black Swan.

How AIG Moved Toward Evidence-Based Decision Making

It started with the creation of a 'Science Team.'

TDI3's take: A great example of how decision making takes a disciplined approach, free from traditional organizational barriers. Great article!

A New Engineering Profession Is Emerging: Decision Coach

A New Engineering Profession Is Emerging: Decision Coach Presentation Slides, $0 (PDF) These slides are from a presentation Baker Street publisher, Dr. Stephen Barrager, made at a recent INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research in Huntington Beach, California. The emperor of all business processes is the process we use to make strategic decisions.

Do Your Company’s Incentives Reward Bad Behavior?

TDI3 note: This is a testament to the "unintended consequences" of decisions made. It also plays directly into the discussions around KPIs which we seem to be having on a daily basis. KPIs in conflict are a HUGE ISSUE. See the "11 Deadly Decision Dynamics" webinar recording to see how all this links together.

Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence

 “Why are some people more able to manage complexity?” Although complexity is context-dependent, it is also determined by a person’s disposition. In particular, there are three key psychological qualities that enhance our ability to manage complexity: IQ, EQ, and CQ. 
TDI3 Note: We believe decision team CQ is critical to an effective decision process - much more interesting, too. 

Self-Service Decision Intelligence: a path to FREEDOM OF CHOICE?

The question of the headline is in fact composed of the following down-to-earth questions:Can real-time self-service (task) decision intelligence (SSDI) lead to freedom of choice for the decision-maker? Can she, in particular, thereby take on an enactive role in her dynamic task environment?Is that something we want to happen in terms of whether it will benefit...

What Leadership Will Look Like In 20 Years

Let's face it, most of us are addicted technology futurists. Who doesn't enjoy speculating about what technology marvels will be commonplace in the coming decades? Will it be 3D printing? Artificial intelligence? "Singularity"? All are buzzwords of the emerging technology future. But what about leadership? If we don't get leadership right, [...]

Don't Trust Your Company's Reputation to the Quants

Inversion is all the rage - and it's sparking rage, too. Companies are employing or considering the complex and controversial tax maneuver to relocate their headquarters to countries more tax-friendly than the U.S. and save bundles.
TDI3's take: Important article. Hail the Qualts, who will have a much clearer view of the unintended consequences of decisions.

An Executive's Advice to Analysts for Getting Heard in the Boardroom

For most people involved in analytics, it's all about the data. They've spent years studying it and have no trouble manipulating it, charting it, graphing it, or managing it. But when it comes to explaining it, it's a different story.

The Art of Corporate Endurance

From a young age we are taught to be fast. As kids, we are rewarded for being the athlete with the greatest speed. At university, we are examined under time pressure. And in business life, CEOs incentivize and promote those senior executives who can get new ideas to market more quickly than competitors.