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Sensory Room Videos

Videos in connection with our sensory playlist that will become a channel that will become a network under - so if you know or love or have videos about sensory rooms, fidgets, sensory integration, sensory gyms, products, hauls on products, manufacturers, DIY projects, education, advocacy, etc- now is the time to get involved! Email Gail and you can become a part of what will be an enormous video network within an even larger multi media network connecting patient/caregivers- providers/professionals- designers/manufacturers so we can have easier lives via better designed spaces, products and experiences. Living Labs, the parent organization, is under the name of it's concept, that we can co-colaborate and try new solutions in real life working examples to provide immediate feedback and lasting research of value. It is the way of creating products, designing spaces, creating an experience from the moment you leave the home until you are done at a store, show or museum- it is our way of beliveing that every voice has value. So here we have and the sensory videos that will be a channel, and elsewhere we will show sensory and how it helps with another ability/disability at

Videos within the sensory room show examples of sensory rooms in homes, hospitals, mental health centers, rehabilitation clinics, schools, and nursing homes. To help for: autism, ADHD, Alzheimer's, pain management, memory loss, special needs children and more.


BCM Sensory Room: BK Stories

Brooklyn's Children Museum is a place where kids with disabilities can go, feel safe and express themselves. Elaine Stillerman, is the parent who approached ...

Core Stability and Balance on an Air Mat

Use the Air Mat for vestibular or proprioceptive stimulation, balance activities and motor tasks. Be very cautious of the child's safety and have crash pad s...

Create instant portable sensory rooms that are interactive theater experiences

DIY how to make your own sensory theater area for education, play, museums and more in under and hour using fabric and easy to find items. Great for interactive theater projects for home or anywhere.

Christopher Davies artistic director of Bamboozle Theatre talks us through chapter 14 of his latest book Creating Multi-sensory Environments, Practical ideas for teaching and learning. In this chapter of the book Christopher shows us how to create a sensory sea cave and how different easy available materials can be used to add texture and further enhance the environment.

The focus is on creating a portable instant sensory room that act as an interactive theater experience.

Erb's Palsy 11 months old- Homemade Sensory Gym

Dad's Homemade "Sensory Gym"- Cost: $35 Materials: 30ft. 1/2" pvc pipe from hardware store. Total Project Time: under 3 hrs. We are using this gym for constraint therapy, free play and crawling, great for reaching and weight bearing. We used toys we already had, however we are going to swap things out to keep his interest. It helps for him to see his arm while he is using itso we hung mirrors at eye level (Ikea $9.99 ea).

More info visit &

Find Parent to Parent, Young Adult & Family Facebook support groups by searching keywords brachial plexus injury, erb's palsy & BPI support. Click more for details about physical therapy & online support groups

Please Note: These videos are from our personal experience and not intended as medical advice. Activities should always be approved and monitored by your child's brachial plexus injury specialist and therapist.

This channel is about our journey with Erb's Palsy. Hopefully these videos will help other parents like us begin their journey to recovery with LOVE. If your baby was injured during childbirth you know how heartbreaking it can be,the lack of information provided by hospitals is frustrating. Thankfully many parents are willing to share their experiences. Learning about our role in our son's recovery was the first step towards healing as a family. We hope this page will help other parents on their road to recovery. Every child is a gift. No family should feel alone.

Fenton School, Wales

This is a wonderful sensory room at Fenton school in Wales. It shows what you can do with very little money, but lots of enthusiasm. Fenton School Room. The room is quite cold and they use the parts of the sensory room to help balance the senses in many ways. The lights are like spinning bubbles.bAs part of many of the sensory videos shared by Richard Hirstwood, the Fenton School in Wales shows how to make a magical sensory room cheaper.

Friendship Circle on NBC

NBC Nightly News comes to Friendship Circle for a first hand look at what the buzz is all about. A large facility that integrates sensory throughout for patients and the public.

Hirstwood Sensory Channel on YouTube

Sensory youtube channel by Richard Hirstwood that includes sections on iPad apps for sensory rooms, DIY inexpensive items you can do for yourself, projection systems, brain monitoring and more. A great channel to learn about a number of different parts of sensory.

In the Clinic with Dr. A Jean Ayres| The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

The SPD Foundation is pleased to present "In the Clinic with Dr A Jean Ayres," an online learning opportunity that will provide you with insight to and under...

Jelly Lamp

Our brand new lighting effect sure to light up the room with an array of color.

Living Image

On-Floor Interactive Projection System

Multi-Sensory Environment for Alzheimer's

The Use of Multi Sensory Environments for care in Alzheimer's. The video goes through the evidence that shows improvement for people with Dementia and Alzheimer's. and then features the room and the features and the outcomes they can have with patients.

Dr. Jeff Beaty from Serenity HealthCARE talks about the unique Multi-Sensory Environment therapy room at the Bridge at MontEagle, one of the Serenity Bridge facilities specializing in care for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

Multi Sensory Room Project - Autism

Here is a video of how I designed and built a sensory room for people with autism, learning difficulties and mental health issues. If anyone would like any advice feel free to contact me. I'm not a professional designer i'm just passionate about being a support worker and wanted to help by creating a sensory space which can help with sensory integration, fine motor skills, hyper and hypo sensitivities through sensory stimuli, reduce challenging behaviour and provide a relaxing area for people to use. Hannah Oliver

Music Therapy Sensory Room

Imagine taking a vacation in a world like AVATAR. That's kind of a possibility for the the 15-hundred people who attend the Victoria Conservatory's Music

Sensa-Calm Creates Calming Blankets for Special Needs Customers

Sensa-Calm is also listed in our highly curated, comparitive weighted blanket list , so we have more detailed information:

Sensa-Calm started by a grandmother of a child with Autism. She has now built the company into giving work to many contracted seamstresses around Chattanooga, TN. Each blanket is made to order from hundreds of fabrics and blessed and cared for with the thoughts of the recipient in mind.

Using the comparison size of** 38" x 60" and 10 lbs of fill, the base price is $170 And note that each handmade blanket takes **10-14 days to construct before being shipped.

Extras include

  • snaps ($4.00)
  • soft minky fleece material in 18 colors as the underneath material that touches the body while sleeping ($20)
  • matching pillow case ($15)
  • Blanket material

All of the hundreds of blanket materials and colors are the same price. Categories of material include:

  • children and youth patterns
  • adult patterns
  • gallery fabrics (minky backs not available)
  • Supreme Solids
  • The Vastly Better "Medical" weighted blanket using Eco­Friendly PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM

Unlike the typical vinyl institutional weighted blankets, Sensa-Calm makes a gorgeous waterproof weighted blanket *that's equally great news hospitals, clinics, and schools as it is for users who have issues with incontinence, spilling, gripping, or just being a bit clutzy with liquids in bed. *The Eco Friendly PUL fabric doesn’t absorb liquid, you can wipe it off with a wet cloth, you can toss it in the wash and wash it in hot water in a commercial or home laundry, it resists abrasion, it’s fire retardant, and antimicrobial. All that combined gives you exactly what you would expect from a waterproof weighted blanket! The most important characteristic of Eco­PULTM is that it forms a waterproof barrier, while still being** breathable**. In this context, breathable does not mean that you can hold the fabric over your face and breathe through it. It means that the fabric releases heat and water vapor. This keeps the wearer comfortable. Our PUL fabric has a soft hand, making it quiet ­ never stiff or crackly.

  • PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM starts with lightweight polyester interlock (knit) fabric. The polyester fabric is paired with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a thin stretchy plastic film. These two components are bonded together into a single fabric using a combination of heat, pressure, and adhesive.
  • PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM is made with a “green” adhesive that is solvent­free, environmentally friendly, and releases no volatile organics. Some people have called this newer type of PUL “TPU.”
  • Eco­PULTM is made in the USA. 73% polyester 27% polyurethane. 153 gsm.
  • It is more costly for this, however, running about $249 for only the 10 lb medium size we've been comparing.

Another good news option though is that if you already have a weighted blanket, you can get a** duvet cover that's waterproof for an adult bed for $130.**

How they are constructed

  • The material is cut to size which includes: small, medium, large, full size bed or queen size bed
  • They are market and sewn into pockets in traditional quilting fashion
  • Each pocket is filled with equal amounts of a pre-measured portion of plastic pellets based on the total weight of the blanket surrounded by polyfill to finish the quilted look and feel
  • They are sewn closed or made with snaps to be able to wash separately
  • All of the materials are machine washable, including the waterproof version.

Uniquely available: Weighted Wraps

The perfect size to wrap around your shoulders or put around your neck like a scarf. A weighted wrap can be doubled and put on the lap as a lap pad. It also makes a perfect size lap blanket when laid across the lap. A wrap does not need to weigh as much as a blanket because the weight is concentrated into a smaller area. Because of size limitations, they do not contain polyfill, only poly-pellets. The smaller size makes it the perfect portable item for in the car, doctors appointments, school, etc. Everyone LOVES this item. Weighted wraps are popular with kids and the elderly. They can even be used as a stroller/car seat blanket for the very little ones.

Dimensions are (12” x 36”) for a 3lb Wrap for $39.95 and (18” x 36”) for a 5lb Wrap for 49.95 (add $20 to get in the eco-friendly waterproof materials)

A weighted lap pad is a portable size for school, the car, or even work. A lap pad helps soothe anxiety and the wiggles. Our lap pads are approximately 12″ x 18″ and weigh 2lbs for $29.95 in any material and $49.95 in the waterproof.

Also available

  • Weighted belts, vests and snakes
  • Chewies
  • Bean Bag Fidgets
  • Sensory Hand Muffs that give hands lots to do
  • Vibrating plush pillows
  • Safety gear including bracelets and a "find my child" remote
  • (They can also be bought on Amazon- though that may deflect from the money that goes to support the community....)
Sensory Integration Therapy Part I

A sample on Gail Zahtz's sensory room playlist is one from a series by Sensory Digest on exercises within a sensory diet on how to use your home as an active sensory room or gym for children or adults.

Sensory Room and Soft Play Area at the Park

The new sensory room and soft play area at Barrow Park Leisure Centre. The sensory room is only available for children and adults with a disability. For more...

Sensory Room Ideas

Have you heard about sensory rooms or little rooms, but you're now wondering what to put in them to keep those little ones entertained? Well, we've collected ideas from our "experts" and compiled a list of the favorites!

The Bedroom Ball Pit

No balls were hurt in the making of this video... This film wouldn't have happened without the help of Will and Louis. Will Darbyshire -

The Jungle Sensory Room

Part of a suite of sensory rooms Rompa designed for a Snoezelen® room complex in Pensacola, Florida

The Jungle Sensory Room

Part of a suite of sensory rooms Rompa designed for a Snoezelen® room complex in Pensacola, Florida

The Magic Sensory Room

Part of a suite of sensory rooms Rompa designed for a Snoezelen® room complex in Pensacola, Florida.

The Magic Sensory Room

Part of a suite of sensory rooms Rompa designed for a Snoezelen® room complex in Pensacola, Florida

The Yard Revisited | Children in Need Big Build

In 2012 Rompa were involed in the BBC DIY SOS special for Children in Need. Rompa donated a state of the art sensory room complete with bubble wall to The Yard children's centre in Edinburgh. We revisted to see how they're getting on 12 months down the road.

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