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Find Your Passion & Purpose

how to find your passion and purpose

4 Clues to Find Your Purpose in your Passion

Passion is a powerful and intense emotion. So powerful, that when used properly it has the potentiality for the highest level of achievement and fulfillment. The purpose of our life is revealed in our passions. Life loves when we are passionate because we're in our happiest and most creative state.

Do you know why you are in business for yourself? Is it the freedom? The ability to stay home with your family? Perhaps it's because you had a great idea and knew that you could make lots of money implementing it?

Two years ago at this time during the school year my students and I had a similar problem: There wasn't an opportunity for me to find out what they really enjoyed doing, and most of them did not know what they were interested in. They had been conditioned to do what is asked of them ...

Finding Purpose in Life: The Guide to Finding Your Life's Work

It was an earnest request: "I'd like to know how to find your vocation." We were sitting in one of Seattle's finest coffee establishments. It was a sunny May morning- the best kind of day that you could hope for. And I suddenly found myself unsure of where to start.

5 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose Today

5 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose Today One of the very basic definitions of a happy life is a life full of meaning. There is a reason we exist, and everyone has talents that are theirs to share with the world. It's those talents that give our life purpose.

Uncover Hidden Talents

Purpose - Activity: Uncover hidden talents. Purpose is about knowing how you will use your talents to add value to life. To uncover hidden talents, look for the intersection between: what you're best at, what you love to do the most, & what the world needs most.

Clues to Purpose | Daily PlanIt

Purpose. It's what lights up your face, it's what makes it a joy to get up in the morning and be alive. It's what fills you with energy. It's what you want to share with others, what you enthusiastically enjoy talking about. Purpose is about knowing how you will use your talents to add value to…

Pave Your Life Roadmap | Idea Sandbox

What to be when you grow up? This installment of “Sand for Your Inbox” is a special edition. I have handcrafted a proven technique that will help you answer…

Brand and Purpose Toolkit | Daily PlanIt

See Resources for more toolkits. Free eBook on discovering what you are passionate about: How to Start a Fire | all the tools at Identify your interests, skills, personality, strengths, personal qualities, values, and talents with  a free printable Self Assessment form and the linked resources. A more detailed Talent Matrix Table is available at Sellfy. INTERESTS (Holland Codes) – tools to explore…