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Updated by Rachel Kendoll on Jul 29, 2014
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OER for Research Methods & Biostatistics

A list of open educational resources that can be used to teach a course on healthcare related research methods and biostatistics

Epidemiology and Biostatistics | OER Commons

Good introduction to how to read and interpret medical journals and the statistics therein. Open courseware includes lecture outlines, exams, readings, and assignments. On the downside, this course is intended to be taught face-to-face so some materials are lacking in explanation.

Introduction to Biostatistics

Good intro to biostatistics course. Includes lecture slides as well as MP3s so that students can listen to course materials, provides additional clarification of main points. Well organized course with appropriate assignments with solutions. May be a little over the head of many of my students.

Methods in Biostatistics I | OER Commons

From the links that would open, this looks like a well-developed, comprehensive course. Several of the links to course material either would not open or took a long time to open, making it difficult to judge the value of the material. Use of this course would like require the use of textbooks to better understand the concepts, making the use of this course unlikely for my purposes. This would be a good reference for me as an instructor but I would not use in my course with my students.

Methods in Biostatistics II | OER Commons

Companion course to previous link. Also appears to be a well-organized course that, unfortunately, seems to be above the level needed for my students. Great reference for me to use for my own background. Has links to other resources, lecture materials and assignments.

Fundamentals of Epidemiology I | OER Commons

OER course that focuses more on concepts of public health issues, epidemiology, and biostatistics. Includes lecture materials, readings, and wiki containing case studies. Registered participants in the course are encouraged to submit case studies to the wiki. Level of material appears to be more appropriate for my use; however, would require use of a textbook to gain full understanding of the material.

Fundamentals of Epidemiology II | OER Commons

Companion course to previous link. Contains similar resources. Content is appropriate for use in my course but, again, would require use of textbook to clearly deliver all material. Good reference resource for me and good guide to textbooks I can use for my own clarification.