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Everything You Need to Know About Global Social Enterprise

If you’re serious about global social innovation, there's a new book that opens a window into how it happens, why it works, what

How To Marry Meaning to Profit: Why Doing the Right Thing Matters

Every day you vote with your dollars. Are you voting for the leaders who will shape the kind of future you want to live in?

Reluctant Innovation: Advice For Social Innovators At Heart

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned as I stumbled my way through the world of social innovation. I hope some of these prove useful as you travel your own path.

How To Make Money *AND* Solve Big Problems

Manoj Sinha understands financial pressure to make money. He has a lot of debt from his MBA. Here's his advice on what to do next.

Why Cash Matters More If You’re Trying To Do Good

Social entrepreneurs have fewer potential sources of capital to tap into, and managing cash flow can ironically be more important for survival for social ventures than for profit maximizing businesses.

How to Start an (Actual) Social Enterprise

As a social entrepreneur, are you constantly wrestling with pressures and trade-offs of building a company that holds high environmental and social standards? Read this post for 4 ways to create an actual social enterprise.

5 Key Tips To Be A More Effective Social Entrepreneur

There's a lot to be learned from those who’ve been there, done it, and know what works. Read this post for 5 key learnings gathered from the most effective social entrepreneurs across the country.

Forget Poverty. Let’s Talk Business.

Tired of spending trillions of dollars on poverty and getting nowhere? Here’s a chance to learn from one of the most resourceful business men around, who happens to be solving poverty along his way.

Why Social Entrepreneurship Matters

A Bolivian mother epitomizes why the endless hours and numerous setbacks associated with being a social entrepreneur are all worth it. Read the insights Jonathan Lewis shared about this woman when speaking at the President's Dream Colloquium on Entrepreneurship.

What If Apple Worked On Big F*ing Problems?

Steve Jobs liked to “live at the intersection of the humanities and technology,” and that’s exactly the place where communications technologies need to be.

3 Tricks To Turn Your Ideas Into Realities

Your ideas don’t matter unless you turn them into realities. Here are 3 tricks to take the first step towards that goal.

To Be Wildly Successful, You Have To Be Unusual

It’s hard to buck conventional wisdom. Not only do you risk others’ disapproval, you have to face down your own uncertainty and doubt. But being unusual is the only way to generate massive success.

Why the Next Steve Jobs Will Come from Africa

Africa is at a techno-cultural turning point that will prove to be as pivotal there as the Industrial Revolution was for Europe.

East Africa Farmers Lifting Thousands of Girls Out of Poverty

A Ugandan-American couple takes a gamble on passion fruit farming and ends turning 1,500 girls and young women into small business owners.

Stumbling into Philanthropy

Measuring impact, designing for impact, and applying business methods toward impact: These are not always easy, but they’re almost always doable and eventually make things a lot easier.