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These Weird Meals Are Actually Clever Data Visualizations | Design | WIRED

Data visualizations and infographics are already a staple of our daily media diet. Maybe they can be part of our actual diet, too. That's what Susanne Jaschko, an author and curator, and Moritz Stefaner, a data viz specialist, are exploring with Data Cuisine, a workshop based entirely around the unlikely intersection of figures and food.

Watson Gets His First Customer Service Gig - Innovation on Top Tech News

Since appearing on Jeopardy, IBM's Watson supercomputer has been making a living using his super-intelligent knowledge base for business verticals. Now, Watson's been hired for his first customer service job.

The liquid hard drive that could store a terabyte of data in a tablespoon of fluid | ExtremeTech

A team of materials science researchers from the US may have just made the first breakthrough that could make so-called "soft matter" a viable data storage medium - at some incredible storage densities, too. According to the new research, microscopic particles suspended in liquid could be used to encode the same 1s and 0s stored on solid hard drive platters today.

5 Tools to Help Make Your Data Visualization Look Stunning

The last few years have brought data visualization deeply into the world of design. It used to take highly technical designers or a team of developers and designers to create data visualizations that were both accurate and beautiful.

How to Keep Data Out of Hackers' Hands

Darren Hauck for The New York Times The numbers sound abstract: Hundreds of millions of email addresses and other types of personal identification found in the hands of Russian hackers. For people worried that they are caught in the mix, however, the discovery by Hold Security of a huge database of stolen data is very personal.

Meet Fortune's 2014 Big Data All-Stars

Big data is about more than big numbers. Meet Fortune's first class of Big Data All-Stars: 20 extraordinary people who we think are the best at connecting the dots, digging deep, and discovering the information that will transform the way businesses operate.