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Robot furniture that builds itself

Robots known as "Roombots" are paving the way for furniture that can build itself Roombots will combine active and passive parts to create all kinds of furnishings Each roombot is a small cube and contains batteries, motors and a wireless connection Mobile furniture could benefit the elderly and people with poor mobility Edge of Discovery highlights awe-inspiring innovations and ideas.

Google watch: release date, news and rumors

Fresh from creating Google Glass, Google is now turning its attention to our wrists with the launch of Android Wear, its custom OS designed for wearables. But while watches from Microsoft and HTC may also be forthcoming - and with the Apple iWatch ever-looming - a question still remains over Google's wearable hardware strategy.

Terrible tech: 11 great ideas that just don't work

We love tech, but we don't love it unconditionally - and it doesn't always love us back, either. Tech can fight us rather than delight us, confuse rather than amuse, be destructive when we need it to be productive.

pkg iphone thermal imaging camera kptv

Invasive or awesome? A new device turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging sensor.

Amazon Launches A 3D Printing Store With Customizable Goods

Amazon has launched a new store for 3D-printed goods, which include items that can be customized to change their size, color, material and even aspects of their design. The store covers a range of types of products, including jewelry, electronics, toys and games, and home decor and kitchen supplies, and items are supplied by a number of partners including Mixee, Scupteo and 3DLT.

This is the world's biggest 3D painting

Already home to the world's biggest freestanding building and the world's highest airport, China has completed yet another superlative achievement -- the world's largest and longest anamorphic, or 3D, painting. Named "The Rhythm of Youth," the record-breaking piece of 3D street art was created by Chinese artist Yang Yong-chun in honor of the upcoming 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, eastern China.

Motorised roller skates, from cartoon to reality

Related The pedal that beats petrol? The brainchild of company founder and chief technical officer Peter Treadway, the RocketSkates take square aim at urban residents who too often find themselves at the intersection of too-close-to-drive and too-far-to-walk. "In the late 1950s, people were predicting things like flying cars, jet packs and rocket skates," Treadway says.

Driverless Cars 'On UK Roads By January'

The government is today announcing plans to put driverless cars on public roads as early as January 2015. The British Army already uses autonomous vehicles, supplied by automotive design specialist MIRA, which is also developing systems for civilian use. Researchers in Oxford have also developed an autonomous car that can be controlled using an iPad.

Sun bracelet measures UV exposure

French company Netatmo has developed a bracelet designed to protect you from the sun. It is not sold in traditional jewellery shops - instead they are selling it through Apple Stores, and online. The June device communicates via Bluetooth with your mobile device, to give alerts about how much sun you are being exposed to.

Richard Branson: 'There's No Shortcut or Magic Recipe to Success'

Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly shares his business experience and advice with readers. Ask him a question and your query might be the inspiration for a future column. Q: Are there any quick ways to succeed in business without spending a huge amount of money on marketing?

BITCOIN: How It Works, And Why It Could One Day Threaten Legacy Payments Tools Like Credit Cards

Bitcoin is most often discussed as a volatile digital currency, with a value that seesaws depending on the latest news - good and bad. It's beloved by some, derided by others. But where Bitcoin's real value lies is as a payments technology that has the potential to revolutionize the legacy payments industry.Bitcoin offers merchant and individuals an extremely low-cost, virtually frictionless payments system.

Top 10 Technology Predictions That Turned Out to be False

You could not be more wrong... Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 technology predictions that turned out to be false.

13 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Piece Of Advice

This is part of the "Moving Forward" series offering advice to small business owners on technology, mentorship, productivity, and growth. "Moving Forward" is sponsored by Ink from ChaseĀ®.

The $6 million man-made floating island

"Orsos Island" offers 1,000 square meters of luxurious living space over three levels It costs 5.2 million euros or $6.5 million and can be tailored to suit your needs The "island" is 20 meters wide and 37 meters long and sleeps 12 people plus crew It is fully self-sufficient and is covered in 160 square meters of solar panels Editor's note: is CNN's monthly sailing show, exploring the sport of sailing, luxury travel and the latest in design and technology.

From hoverboards to lightsabers: five film inventions in the works

Important as they surely are, news of most manufacturing advances passes us by, mainly on account of it being so boring that reading about it will make you want to cry. Not so for news from Daewoo's shipbuilding factory in South Korea, which has announced that it plans to equip its workers with full-body robotic exoskeletons to aid with heavy lifting.

Computer Chip Thinks Like a Human Brain : DNews

IBM's latest brain-like computer chip may not be "smarter than a fifth-grader," but it can simulate millions of the brain's neurons and perform complex tasks using very little energy. Researchers for the computer hardware giant have developed a postage-stamp-size chip, equipped with 5.4 billion transistors, that is capable of simulating 1 million neurons and 256 million neural connections, or synapses.

Follow that robot: the hi-tech tour guides taking over Tate Britain at night

In the small hours of the next five nights, things that absolutely will not go bump in the night will be roaming the galleries of Tate Britain. After Dark will use four robots - which move at surprising speed despite looking like the love children of a close encounter between a coat rack and a standard lamp - to let the public experience the eerie thrill of visiting the sleeping art.

Animal hackers: War Kitteh sniffs out insecure Wi-fi networks

The intersection of animals and technology is about more than cat videos on YouTube and the Doge meme. This year's Def Con hacking convention in Las Vegas showcased a pair of projects mixing pets with computer security.

Michael J Fox charity turns to tech

The Michael J Fox Foundation is attempting to use wearable sensors to monitor the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The charity has teamed up with Intel to equip patients with smartwatches made by the tech firm's Basis division. The organisations carried out tests earlier in the year and now plan to release an app to help doctors study the effects of different medications.

What Is Black Hat Social Media & Does It Affect SEO?

Black hat social media is emerging quickly and spawning a new era of web spam. This affects the social media sites themselves, the users, and the businesses utilizing the site for marketing. While many people are starting to recognize this trend, there is a dearth of information on how black hat social media influences search engine optimization (SEO).

The Man Who Turns Buildings Into Giant Video Screens | Design | WIRED

Doug Aitken might be best known for his immersive multimedia installations (like this one, Altered Earth), but one of his most recent projects is as old-school as it gets: A book. Herve Hote The monograph, 100 Yrs, is a look back at more than two decades of Aitken's works, including his 100 Yrs exhibition (pictured) at the 303 Gallery from last year.

These Entrepreneurs Found a Way to Make Energy-Efficient Vodka

Organic, local and sustainable all have their places in the craft distilling movement. How about energy efficient? It's a priority for Industry Standard vodka (about $37)-which is, as the bottle reads in part, "made by nerds."

7 far-out technologies that are closer than you think

Some of these technology innovations sound like science fiction, but they may land in your data center sooner than you'd imagine

Biodesign: Why the future of our cities is soft and hairy

Will bacteria solve our world problems? Biodesign looks to be a key factor in reaching global sustainability. Architects Howeler + Yoon and Squared Design Lab have imagined a future where derelict building will be covered in pods that grow biofuel algae. (CNN) -- You get out of bed and open the curtains.