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Royalty Free Media Resource

Internet is a buzz with websites offering royalty free images and videos. That’s why you can easily get a video or image for a more affordable price. is a new media marketplace empowered by a creative community. It is a place where you can find unique video, image and audio content brought to you by creators from all around the world.

Squirrel - Royalty-free Video

Squirrel consuming a meal on the gravestone. This image is available in 3 license types - Royalty-free - Standard, Royalty-free - Extended, Editorial - Standard.

Other Details about this video -

Duration: 00:56;
Source format: Other Hi-Def source;
Ratio: 16:9 anamorphic;
Rendering: Progressive;
Resolution: HD1080;
Mandatory copyright note: © Leszek Boguszewski / VPUZZLER.COM

GIF Format Best Suited For Background Images

For background images, GIF is the best file format. GIF atands for Graphics Interchange Format that includes small animated pictures that go on in a loop. Why GIF best suited for background images? Read here to know more.

Key Factors to Follow While Buying Royalty Free Stock Images

Royalty Free stock images are a very convenient and cost-efficient method to spice up a website or any multimedia entity. The Internet offers thousands of them to choose from. However, easy as it may seem, the same multitude can sometimes confuse you and you may end up buying images that do not really serve your...

A Primer on Videos Copyright Usage

With the advancements in world wide web, videos have become prime source of advertising and marketing. And with modern video sharing sites, the risk of violating copyright issues has been increased to certain folds. Read this article to understand the proper usage of videos for commerical purpose.

8 Good Reasons to Add Royalty Free Images to your Content | Unique Informative News

Why you should add images to your content? 8 Good reasons discussed by, a new age media marketplace online that offers thousands of royalty free images, videos and audio content. For more details, visit,

Why Sourcing Videos For Your Commercials Is A Good Idea

There is no need to explain how much important videos are for any marketing campaign or advertisement. If a video is used in a commercial, it increases the impact manifold, as compared to a still image. Read on to find more about why you should source videos for an effective marketing plan.

Making Royalty Free Images Marketable for Your Niche

For a professional photographer, all what matters is a good photograph. But some times it becomes difficult to market your own images due to lack of awareness and knowledge. Read on to find more about making your images marketable.

Importance of Stock Images for Website Development

Any engaging website has a prerequisite - interesting images that grab your attention as soon as the websites opens before your eyes. An image locks the attention sooner than words do. It is a fact that viewers would read the content attached to an image before they would read other content on the site.

Download HD Royalty Free Nature Images For Commercial Use

Vpuzzler has an amazing collection of royalty free nature images for any commercial or personal use. Visit our site and download high quality nature images now. Price depends upon size of image.


Comparison of Microstock Images License Types - A Guide

Comparison of Microstock Images License Types - A Guide

There is a lot of information and at the same time a lot of confusion on the web about the use of images correctly. While some images are free to be used anywhere and by everyone, there are others that come with licensing as well as ethical limitations. Here, we are going to be talking about the difference between royalty free images and editorial images. The idea is to try and offer some degree of clarity and an attempt towards better understanding of use.

Are Royalty Free Stock Images Really Free or Paid?

With the word ‘free’ in royalty free, the confusion about whether these images are actually free or paid is understandable. Royalty free media is available on the web in large numbers but before one goes about procuring it, it is worthwhile to try and understand what the actual deal with it is. Here, we are going to be talking about what royalty free stock means and how it can be used correctly. Images being as important as they are, the idea is to offer clarity on how to implement them.

6 Free Sites for Royalty Free Music

Music and audio certainly grasps more attention than mere text or visuals. So, if you plan to market an information, product or service, make sure that you have music or audio backing it. But buying music can be tough, especially if you don't want the hassle of paying the creator over and over again! Check this site for stock music for commercial use -

The Benefits Of Using Royalty Free Sites

Why royalty free sites like beneficial for media production? Read on to know how royalty free sites are beneficial for you -

Stock Photography: Why it makes sense as an income source?

Are you fed of trying to find a broker for selling your images? Stock photography offers you the opportunity to make income, without the hassle of finding a broker or a middleman. Many people are finding that it can be a highly rewarding and fun way to make a living with passive income by creating royalty free stock images.

The Best Places to Buy Stock Videos & Photos

Whether you are a photographer, an artist, a web designer or an entrepreneur, you need videos and photos to enthrall audience and draw traffic to your website(s). With internet speeds reaching their zenith, more and more net surfers prefer to watch videos than merely read online content. So, here are 9 top sites from where you can buy royalty free videos and images.

Create Sound Magic with Royalty Free Audio Tracks

At, we are an emergent media marketplace and are backed by a highly creative community. Over here, you can access superb quality audio media to create sound magic like no other production house. Our harmonious audio track offerings are royalty free and come with required editorial licenses.

How Stock Video Clips Can Help You in Marketing and Advertising?

Be it in-house or outsourced video, all types of such stock clips are quickly becoming a marketer’s media tool of choice. So here’s how stock video clips can help in marketing and advertising.

Top 5 Websites for Quality Royalty Free Images - Bubblews

For a good image selection process, here is a list of some of the best websites on the internet that can help a person find royalty free as well as creative stock images. It is guaranteed that the photos on these sites are extremely cheap or free of cost and can be licensed for commercial use in a hassle-free way.

How to Best Use Royalty Free Videos and Clips Commercially? by Sarah Edwards

Commercial usage of popular videos and clips is a common practice. But this is not advisable because several copyright laws regulate the usage of these clips; most of the times, these files are backed by a rightful owner who can sue the user in a jiffy or extract hefty royalty out of them!

The secret behind the best use of royalty free videos and clips on a commercial scale revolve around the following tricks. Some choice govern this practice; read the article to know more.