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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Santa Ana Island, Solomons–Created by Staff

Top Videos for Cruise Destination Santa Ana Island, Solomons– Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Ulawa to Santa Ana Solomons 1994

Journey by helicopter with Minister Nathaniel Waena and Peter Drummond to inspect wharves, jetties and roads in Ulawa and Santa Ana financed under the EC supported Rural Transport Project.

Solomon islands parrot fish trap

visit our associated This was filmed at Nategera village on the island of Santa Ana in the Solomons. The traditional way of catching a parrot fish involves a net made out of bark/vines and a captive parrot fish.

The Haunted Spirit Houses of Santa Ana

Traditional sculpture in the eastern Solomon Islands draws heavily upon mythology. The depiction of miscellaneous myths is an essential component of the islanders of Santa Ana and figures prominently in the creation of major works such as pillars, posts and even the altar pieces of sacred places, ranging from the old pre-Christian canoe houses to the churches of the newer, post-messianic religions.

Stuyvenberg Rural Training Centre Makira 1994

An EU monitoring visit to one of the best regarded rural training centres in Solomons, which was receiving finance from the EC Rural Training Centres project.

Off to the Cannibal Isles in the Wake of Jack London

According to Perth's Western Mail of 12 September 1908, Jack London (Call of the Wild) had an exciting experience off Malaita, in the Solomon Islands. The novelist and his wife joined the recruiting schooner Minota, in order to pay a visit to Malaita, and were wrecked on a reef just off the island.

Solomons Island Maryland

This video is for those Southern Maryland visitors that would like to know more about Solomons Island.

Komuhauru Panpipe Band - Solomon Islands

Panpipe Band from Komuhauru Village in Marau Sound, Solomon Islands.

Mammals of Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has one of the highest mammal diversity in the insular Pacific, composed of bats and endemic rats. On a survey on Choiseul recently a team was able to document this rich mammal diversity.

Solomon Islands Holiday 2013

Finally finished my video on the Solomon Islands where we went in the summer to spend time with family and it has taken me ages to finish and upload it. I Accidentally put in the same photo at some points and it's a very long video (sorry) but i hope people enjoy it anyway.