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It's one of the worst things you get when traveling far distances: JETLAG. It's that horrible groggy feeling when our sleep patterns haven't adapted to our current environment. So next time you're traveling from Asia to Los Angeles or Australia to London, try these simple 10 things to cure your jetlag.


Re-Timer, which is worn like a pair of sunglasses, emits a soft, UV-free green light onto the eyes to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock, making it easier to fall asleep at night and wake in the morning.

Rock on - Party it up

"The most success I've had beating jet lag was when I traveled around the world in eight days. I raced the Australian swim team and held contests to find my best look-alike. I simply didn't have time to get jet lag. Too much partying and too much fun to let it affect me." - Sir Richard Branson, President of the Virgin Group.

Melatonin - the natural sleep drug

Melatonin naturally secreted in our bodies helps regulate our circadian rhythms so that we sleep at night. But the jury is still out on the effectiveness of the supplement melatonin to combat jet lag and aid sleep. Some research shows that it can reduce jet lag on flights both east and west, but other research has not shown a benefit.

Verceles suggests taking 3 milligrams of melatonin an hour or two before bedtime at your destination, and plan to sleep for 10 hours. “This takes into account the one or two hours needed to absorb the melatonin and allow it to enter the bloodstream, as well as 10 hours for sleep,” Verceles says. “Ten hours may be a generous overestimate, but it’s better to allow more sleep time than less.”

Melatonin appears to be safe if taken short term, but its long-term effects are not known. If you want to try melatonin, check with your doctor first.


“I try to eat light when traveling, and when I arrive at my destination, no matter what the hour, I work out and really break a sweat. I find the exercise gives my system a jolt of oxygen. On the advice of my husband, a cardiologist, I also wear compression stockings on long flights. It improves circulation, and when I land, I’m ready to hit the ground running.”

-Capricia Marshall, Chief of Protocol of the United States; Travels with President Obama on All Diplomatic Missions

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine on the plane.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Sleep doctor Carlos Schenck, author of "Sleep: The Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions," says: “People sometimes make their jet lag worse by using caffeine on an airplane when they should be trying to sleep or they use alcohol as a sleep aid that will then backfire by giving them a short, inefficient sleep.” Alcohol also has a dehydrating effect, which can worsen symptoms of jet lag.

Get comfortable on the plane.

Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes on the airplane and use earplugs or headphones to help you drown out noise and get some sleep. If you’re already overtired before you even step off the plane, you’re off to a bad start. Resist the urge to work or read on the plane; get as much sleep as you can.

Drink lots of water.

Water is the essence of life. Dehydration is one the worst things that can happen to you when you are on or off the plane. Be sure to drink a glass of water every hour so that you stay properly hydrated. Beverly Hills 9OH2O Crafted Spring Water was designed from the ground up to be the world's ultimate in luxury and perfection.

Homeopathic Remedies - No Jet Lag Pill

Homeopathic remedies are small vials of tiny pellets. They are made from minute dosages of naturally occurring substances which, in much larger doses, would produce the same symptoms in healthy people similar to those of the condition or disease.

Homeopathic remedies are diluted to the point that they are no longer detectable, so they are not believed to be toxic or affect the way other medications are metabolized.

The most popular homeopathic remedy for Jet Lag is a product called No Jet Lag. It is available in health foods stores and some grocery stores, drug stores, and airport convenience stores. Some readers swear by it.

No Jet Lag contains the homeopathic remedies arnica montana (Leopard's bane), bellis perennis (Daisy), Chamomilla (Wild chamomile), Ipecacuanha (Ipecac), and Lycopodium (Clubmoss). Remember that homeopathic remedies are specially prepared and that regular, non-homeopathic doses of these substances can be toxic if taken internally.

Valerian - natural sleep aid

Valerian is a herb used as a natural sleep aid. For jet lag, it is used to help adjust to new time zones by helping people fall asleep at their desired time. Unlike other sleep aids, valerian is not believed to be addictive or cause grogginess the next morning.

Use body heat pads and an inflatable neck pillow

An inflatable neck pillow can help with "bobbing head syndrome," prevent neck pain and encourage serious sleep.

Air-activated, self-adhesive 12-hour heat pads from Bodi Heat ( provide continuous, low level warmth that relieves back and joint pain, a stiff neck or aching shoulders. You simply peel off the backing and stick the pad to the outside of an undergarment. Caution: The pads should not be worn directly on your skin.

If you tend to suffer from neck or shoulder pain when flying, try "Bodi Heat Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief" pads. These actually can be applied directly to the skin. They provide heat for up to 6 hours.

Tip: TravelSmart recommend these pads, not only when fying, but also on long car, train and bus trips or when you are simply chilly.

Your diet

Pressurized cabins can have odd effects on your gastro intestinal system. Avoid gas producing foods preflight, such as apples, apricots, beans, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower - even milk if you’re lactose intolerant.

And pack high fiber snacks in your carry-on, such as dried fruit, nuts and whole grain granola bars. Dehydration and lack of activity can also often result in post-flight constipation, even among those who never experience it at home.

If you often have irregularity, bring your favorite remedy - it may not be available in foreign pharmacies.

If you plan ahead and follow a pre-flight diet that alternates high-protein meals with high-carb meals, you may significantly reduce jetlag. Using a program designed by the Argonne National Lab (a US Dept of Energy facility), will plan a diet for a fee ($10.95 to $16.95) that fits your itinerary.

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