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5 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies

My friends who worked as Facebook managers were literally panicked. This resulted from the last update on Facebook, which determines organic content reach to 6% or less. This update pushed Facebook managers to paid advertising like crazy leading to 2.27 billion dollars profit in the first quarter of 2014 for Facebook.

50 Instagram Marketing Ideas

"instagram marketing ideas" - Since a picture is worth a thousand words, these creative Instagram marketing ideas are a fantastic way for brands to share stories with consumers,...

Infographic: 5 tips for creating a sequenced Facebook ad campaign - Inside Facebook

As we learned recently, Facebook advertisers have had great success leading people down the conversion funnel through sequencing posts in a Facebook ad campaign like a story. But how should it be done? Flightpath put together an infographic showing tips and best practices for planning out your Facebook ad campaigns in this manner.

5 Strategies Behind Awesome Social Media Customer Service

With the modern man attached to his smartphone at the thumb, today's consumers often look to social media as the go-to route for customer service interactions with brands around the world. Additionally, there's a greater incentive for brands to satisfy needs and fix problems expressed on social.

INFOGRAPHIC #1: How to organise successful Facebook contests? | Blog

Would you like to run successful promotions? I bet you do! There are a few things you need to do or consider before running a contest. We gathered them in one place to make your work easier. Just have a look on our infographic.

Little Known Ways To Sell On Instagram

Instagram clearly isn't set up for e-commerce transactions. Yet in spite of this, did you know there are many businesses and individuals who are successfully selling directly from the platform? This blog post will look at some of the ways people and businesses are currently using Instagram as their main source of revenue; that's right, they're selling directly on Instagram and making a living from it!

Mistrzowie Drugiego Planu

Drodzy Mistrzowie Drugiego Planu! Na blogu zrobiło się ostatnio dość wakacyjnie (czytaj: dawno nie publikowaliśmy żadnych gościnnych wpisów), dlatego jest nam tym bardziej miło, że dziś mamy przyjemność udostępnić Wam pierwszy gościnny wpis Pawła Tkaczyka, który jest ekspertem od budowania silnych marek i opowiadania historii.

How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed

The problem with Facebook organic reach can be summed up in one single graphic: Only 6 percent of your fans are seeing your content in their news feed. The other 94 percent are not. Some sources indicate that organic reach may drop to 1-2 percent in the near future.

Lessons From LeBron On How to Become More Likable

LeBron James surprised and thrilled his hometown fans in his choice to move back to his humble roots in Akron, Ohio to play for the Cavs. His bold decision generated unprecedented positive media coverage and gave an immediate booster shot to his personal brand.

The Emotional Involvement Behind Social Media Interactions

Arriving home after a long day at the office spent almost entirely in front of the computer, you take off your shoes, make yourself a drink and, ironically, sit in front of your computer again.

The Science of Getting New Twitter Followers

Follower count is, unanimously, the biggest indicator of success on Twitter. Some people may contend with that statement. They may argue that quality of followers, quality of tweets, level of engagement, etc. are far more important success metrics. However, a lot of people are, without a doubt, influenced by the number of followers somebody has.

The Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Rewind the clock a few years and you'd frequently hear people suggesting that Facebook is a great marketing channel because it was free to have a presence. If you built a good Facebook page for your business and attracted lots of fans, you'd have a valuable platform to talk to potential and existing customers.

17 Reasons You Need to Rethink Your Facebook Strategy

Have you been slacking off when it comes to updating your brand's Facebook Strategy? Have you been working with the same strategy since before the introduction of Timelines? You're not alone. Facebook is constantly adding and optimizing new features to keep up with the fickle desires of its audiences and keep its spot as a leader in the world of social media.